Children's Performance Wins Uhuru's Heart [VIDEO]

  • In a great show of courage, Loxie Pombe and Queen Sampsy took the stage with a spectacular narration of corruption on Thursday, November 12 at Nyayo Stadium, during the Jamhuri Day celebrations. 

    In the televised national event, the two braced to address the corruption menace, their main message conveying an urge to Kenyans to become whistleblowers.

    In the full glare of the public, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, and other key leaders, Loxy and Queen didn’t shy away from describing how Kenya was slowly sinking owing to people who embezzle public funds.

    National leaders attend the Jamhuri day celebrations at Nyayo national stadium on December 12

    “Corruption is taking bribes and not taking into consideration the presidential call to those misusing public funds and politicking on the issue.

    “It is the illegal use of public tax meant for development in the country,” they highlighted. 

    In the presentation, the duo faulted Kenyans who remain silent even after witnessing cases of corruption.

    “We are all attracted to this demon called corruption, and if we were to put a chorus on this piece, then the word corruption will be repeated over a thousand times because the country is bleeding.

    The piece further termed corruption as the root of all evil, leading to losses in almost all sectors in the country.

    “The farmer plants seeds hoping that he will have a bumper harvest only to find out that the fertilizer he used was fake because a corrupt person got involved in its importation," the performers protested. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo national stadium during Jamhuri day celebrations on December 12

    “That is the murky situation we are facing your excellency and that is why we cannot just remain silent waiting for our death. We need to adopt blowing the whistle on the corrupt,” added the duo.

    The presentation continued as the president looked on, charmed by the two, occasionally clapping as the children performed. 

    During the function, President Kenyatta urged Kenyans to embrace the spirit of transparency, calling on leaders to maintain high levels of integrity for the country to grow.