20 Media Celebrities Who Look Alike But Are Not Related

  • Imagine finding an individual who looks exactly like you or whom people keep confusing you with yet you are not even related.

    Well, some of the media celebrities sampled by Kenyans.co.ke have doppelgängers.

    1.) Ann Waiguru and Ann Mvurya

    The uncanny resemblance between Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru and Chairperson of the University of Nairobi Students Association Ann Mvurya (UNSA) shocked many Kenyans.

    The two not only share their first names but are also light skin in complexion and have similar facial features.

    When Ms Mvurya was thrown into the limelight after winning the student elections in 2019, Kenyans were excited by her resemblance to Governor Waiguru. The two met in the governor's office in April. 

    “It is said that everybody has at least one person whom they strongly resemble: Had an intriguing meeting with newly elected UNSA Chair Ann Mvurya. We share quite a bit in common including a shared passion for more women in political leadership," Waiguru stated.

    Governor Anne Waiguru and Ann Mvurya when they first met.

    2.)  Maina Kageni and Mutula Kilonzo Jr

    Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior and radio presenter Maina Kageni have a striking resemblance. Both have a residing hairline and a similar complexion.

    Radio presenter Maina Kageni and Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior

    3.) Margaret Kenyatta and Margaret Aswani

    First Lady Margret Kenyatta and Ms Margaret Aswani, who owns a restaurant, share a striking resemblance.

    The two women, who share the same first name, also share a slew of similarities despite not being related.

    They both rock the same cropped grey hairstyle, spectacles and are from a mixed-race.

    Aswani’s mother hails from Gatundu and her father from Britain while the first lady’s father, Dr Njuguna Gakuo also hails from Gatundu and was married to Margaret’s mum, Magdalena, a German.

    Interestingly, the two also have three children, both a daughter and two sons.

    The two once met at a past National Prayer breakfast and the first lady acknowledged their uncanny resemblance.

    A collage of Margaret Aswani and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta

     4.) Ali Hassan Joho and Martin Mwenda Mugambi

    Mugambi is a resident from Meru County who is easily confused with the Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

    The two can easily be confused for each other.

    In one instance, Mwenda narrates that he was arrested by police officers who thought that he was conning people by impersonating the governor.

    He also humorously stated that women drool over him and that he cannot attend events without people jostling to take photos with him.

    "At least I'm getting famous. If I was to meet him, I would tell him that I'm so happy because I've come to meet so many people in his name," he told a local publication.

    A collage of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his look-alike Martin Mwenda Mugambi

     5.) Catherine Kamau and Ann Kansiime

    The actors Catherine Kamau and Ann Kansiime look-alike too and are famed for being entertainment queens.

    Kansiime, who is Ugandan, is known for her show Ann Kansiime which is aired on Viusasa. She was also a host on East Africa Got Talent in 2019.

    On the other hand, Catherine Kamau has featured in Plan B, Ma Empress, Mother in-law, Sue and Johnnie among other programs.

    Ugandan actress Ann Kansimee and Catherine Kamau

    6.) Peter Kenneth and Philip Murgor

    The two are not only in the limelight in their various capacities but also have similar facial features.

    Though Murgor wears spectacles and Kenneth does not, the two are both light-skinned and have a residing hairline.

    Kenneth is the former Gatanga MP while Murgor is a former Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Former Gatundu MP Peter Kenneth and Senior counsel Philip Murgor

    7.) Gaylyne Ayugi and Lupita Nyongo 

    Anyone can really confuse one for the other. The two have well-kempt short hair, beautiful smile and have a similar dark complexion.

    Gaylyne is a Kenyan model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe Kenya 2014 while Lupita is an award-winning Hollywood actress.

    Lupita Nyongo(L) and Gaylyne Ayugi(R)

    8.) Babu Owino and an Indian man 

    When a photo of a random man from India went viral on social media, many stated that he reminded them of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

    The thought that a Kenyan could have an Indian look-alike was unbelievable.

    A split photo of Babu Owino and an Indian man

    9.) Bien of Sauti Sol and JB Smoove of US

    Bien Barasa of Sauti Sol would easily pass as American actor and comedian as J. B. Smoove's brother.

    Both wear spectacles, have a dark complexion and similar facial appearance.

    The two met in 2015 during the BET awards.

     JB Smoove of USA and Bien of Sauti Sol

    10.) Robert Burale and Male Fashion Geek 

    Burale and his lookalike, Male Fashion Geek, as he is known on Instagram, had reportedly been chatting for months via social media before they finally decided to meet up in 2019.

    Immediately he posted the pictures, his social media fans could hardly tell who was who between the two.

    From their physique to their sense of style, Burale and Male Fashion Geek look like doppelgangers.

    Robert Burale(R) and a Jamaican look alike(L)