Man Pens 6-Page Emotional Suicide Note

  • A 37-year-old man in Zamzam area of Likoni, Mombasa County penned an emotional 60-page suicide note blaming his family, friends and deteriorating health before hanging himself.

    According to K24 Digital, Kelvin Majiwa was found hanging inside his rented house on Friday, December 13, and on a table in his room, lay the suicide note justifying his action.

    The deceased, who had a chronic disease, blamed his brother and sister for allegedly abandoning him at what he termed as his hour of need.

    A stock image of a man writing a note

    In the letter written in an A4 notebook, he stated that since he fell ill, he never had any close family member to turn to for food and treatment expenses.

    “My brother and sisters have a lot of money to spend for the holidays, yet I am here languishing under disease and malnutrition," Majiwa penned.

    The deceased further vowed to haunt his siblings in his death, claiming that "they will never know peace for neglecting me".

    “Hamisi (friend to the deceased) can tell you that my family is uncooperative. They have never supported me since I got sick. When I was employed and had money, I spent at least Ksh 60,000 on my brother’s house rent. After losing the job, and becoming ill, he refused to assist me. I remember he even declined to help me with Ksh 500 for a haemoglobin test,” lamented Majiwa in the note.

    Despite his complaints, Majiwa was kind enough to thank some friends who helped him during the difficult time, listing them in his suicide note.

    George Oduor, another associate, revealed that Majiwa had died a very bitter man.

    “During his days of good health, Majiwa was extremely generous and kind. He lost hope in life the moment he lost his job and when his subsequent attempts to seek financial help from his family bore no fruit,” remarked Oduor.

    In the letter, he went on to thank the owner of a local restaurant for volunteering to feed him.

    “I thank him for giving me food at no cost when he learnt of my situation,” wrote Majiwa.

    Likoni Sub-county Police Commander Jane Munywoki told the media that the deceased's body had been taken to Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital.

    the entrance to the Coast General Hospital