Pastor Ng'ang'a Caught Up in Land Scandal

  • An elderly woman named Susan Ngina Kanyali from Ngong, in Kajiado County is now calling for justice after she accused controversial Pastor Ng'ang'a's church, Neno Evangelism Centre Bulbul branch in Ngong for encroaching her land and building the church structure on it.

    According to a report by the Daily Nation, Susan claims to have written a letter to the County Land Board in January 2016 demanding her rights after the National Land Commission declared the land was rightfully hers.

    The board is then said to have written to Neno Evangelism Church ordering them to refrain from any continuation in developing the land, an order she claims has never been adhered to by the church.

    Pastor Ng'ang'a delivering a sermon

    Susan pointed a finger at County Lands Boards boss, Joseph Murithi Mborothi, who she says is her neighbour for being the mastermind behind the continuous push back between the two parties and encroaching her land as well.

    She alleges that the area chief Mohammed Dida once threatened her by claiming she is to poor to win the battle of the property, however Dida refuted the claims saying the matter was already in court.

    The quote read, “One day, the chief mocked me by telling me that I will never win the battle over the piece of land against the church because I am a poor woman,” she stated.

    Ngina further claimed to have been allocated the land by the government in the 1970s and has owned the quarter-acre piece of land for over three decades up until the different parties started encroaching her land in 2013.

    After the church refused to move out of the land, she forwarded a petition at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. She is now accusing the church of audaciously still continuing to develop the land.

    Pastor Ng'ang'a and his wife at a service

    She further told the paper that the drainage system coming from the church area is directed to her house thus making her iron-sheet home susceptible to flooding and inconvenience.

    Susan claims the issue of her land is taking a toll on her health and is seeking assistance as she fears for her life. She intimated that strangers seem to just appear and cause her to feel unsettled.