Hero Who Foiled Robbery With Bare Hands Speaks Out

  • Richard Muema, a brave father of twins who survived a gangster's attack that pumped eight bullets in him, has opened up on his harrowing ordeal.

    In a report published by Standard on Monday, December 16, Muema revealed that he had never anticipated any such incidences given the relative peace that his Kasarani neighborhood had enjoyed over time.

    "I was used to going out to eat at the time and getting back home at 10pm. I never imagined something like that could happen," he revealed.

    Richard Muema in his hospital bed in Kasarani after he was admitted with gunshot related wounds in November 2019.

    He stated that when he walked into the shop on the fateful day, he met two women in the Mpesa shop run by one of his friends, and while he could not recall what they were bent on purchasing.

    "There were two women there and were acting suspiciously. They kept glancing around. The thugs entered after the women left and ordered us to lie down. I lay on the ground but kept my head up," he recounted.

    Muema's recollections match the records from the CCTV footage which portrayed the women in the shop at 10 pm, with one of them leaving when Muema walked in and handed money to the shopkeeper.

    The other woman left soon after when Muema was engaged with the shopkeeper, and that was the time when the robbers walked into the shop, one of them pulling out a gun from his trousers and ordering Muema and the shopkeeper to the ground.

    It was at a moment of distraction when the robber had his eyes on the shopkeeper that Muema saw a chance to rescue the situation and his friend.

    "I got up, hit the one with the gun with a stone so I could get a chance to run, but he started shooting at me. I remember throwing a stone at him. I do not remember anything after that. I just found myself in the hospital," he recollected.

    Muema was rescued by well-wishers who took him to the St. Francis Hospital where after first-aid, he was transferred to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

    Standard reported that Muema is currently out of danger and was transferred from the ICU where he was treated for injuries sustained on his chest, stomach, and abdomen, to the general ward where his bullet wounds are healing.

    Video of the incident courtesy of Citizen TV