Murkomen's Cheeky Response After Mutua Accuses Him of Threatening His Life

  • Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomen and National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale on Monday, December 16, hit back at Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua who reported the two at the Kilimani Police Station for allegedly threatening his life during a meeting in State House, Nairobi.

    In a Twitter post, Kipchumba said;

    ''Mr. Mutua is writing another episode of his Cobra Squad series. Having failed spectacularly as a leader he turned himself into a Joseph Goebbels of his county government.

    "He is of no consequence to anyone to deserve any attention let alone threats. Let us just watch the cinematic. vipindiree (programmes)''

    Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua arrives at Kilimani Police Station on Monday, December 16, 2019.

    Aden Duale, who spoke to seemed to be reading from the same script as Murkomen in his response to the claims with a Cobra Squad reference. "That is Cobra Squad drama. I am not part of the cast." 

    On December 16, 2019 Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua disclosed to journalists that the duo had been threatening him and that he needed more security.

    "I have received a threat on my life that occurred on two different dates. On November 25, while at the State House where I was threatened by Hon. Aden Duale together with Hon. Kipchumba Murkomen who accused me of attacking them.

    "When I asked how I attacked them, they told me that they would teach me a lesson for going after Deputy President William Ruto. I was shocked by the allegation since I have never attacked anyone," Mutua told the press outside the police station after making his statement.

    In one isolated case with the Deputy President, William Ruto, Mutua accused the DP of clenching his arm during an occasion and said,

    ''Wewe jamaa umekuwa ukinichapa sana lazima sasa nikugonge, wewe ngoja uone!

    (''You have been 'beating' me a lot. So now I must hit you. Wait and see)."

    Further evidence cited in the Governors statement was on November 25, 2019, where he claims Duale and Murkomen confronted him for attacking the Deputy President. He claims that his fight against corruption is what has caused the threats to his life.

    The Cobra Squad series in reference was a locally-produced series that aired on KTN. The action series had been financed by Alfred and garnered about Ksh25 million in profits. according to the governor.

    Governor Alfred Mutua on the set of Cobra Squad TV series with cast members.

    The police statement below was posted on the Governors social media accounts. The statements contained specific highlighted conversations with the three accused individuals.

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    The above statement was shared by Governor Alfred Mutua on his social media handles on December 16, 2019

    OB number from Dr. Alfred Mutua Police Statement