Ababu Namwamba Showers DP Ruto With Praises [VIDEO]

  • Foreign Affairs Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ababu Namwamba in a video shared online on Sunday, December 29 declared his full support for Deputy President William Ruto.

    Ababu stated that they had decided to have a single leader to avoid the chaos of a divided leadership and Ruto was the mam pinpointed for the position.

    In the next statement, the former Budalangi MP showered the DP with praises over his character while criticising those claiming the DP was a thief.

    Deputy presideny arrives at Kolanya in Teso north for a fuction in July 2018

    "We have started a journey where we feel we need to just have one leader and order in the way we travel and that leader we have decided is the deputy president,

    "I know him he is a strong man, he is honest, he means what he says and I know he works very hard," Ababu stated.

    The former ODM strong man, further claimed that those who accuse the DP of being corrupt were mistaken and did not have any evidence of his alleged misdeeds.

    "When you are a poor man's son and make it they will always say you stole. Thieves are being arrested every day, even Sonko was nabbed recently but they claim the DP is a thief and cant submit any evidence,

    "I have no idea what they are waiting for," he further stated.

    Ababu went on to state that those planning to oppose the DP in his 2022 ambition had an uphill task and he even further claimed to pity the opponents.

    "Those of you who are planning to oppose the DP have your job cut out for you, I pity his opponents as they have an uphill task,

    "and for us who have decided to walk with him, it is going to be a journey like you have never seen before," he added

    The CAS acknowledged that despite the decision he knew the road ahead in his back yard was going to be tough but he was willing to sell the Ruto agenda and would succeed at it.

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