ODM Fires Shots at Cambridge Analytica

The ODM party has responded to reports that they were rejected by British firm Cambridge Analytica to assist them during the 2017 general elections.

The party's Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna stated that they refuse to work with the political consulting firm.

Speaking with the Daily Nation, Sifuna claimed that the organisation, which has since ceased operations, employed dirty political methods such as spreading fake news and sowing tribal discord for its clients.

''The party refused to work with an evil organisation that uses propaganda to divide the country," he was quoted by the publication.

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna at Orange House

This follows the election qualms that plagued the country during the 2013 elections, where the body had claimed that CORD party at the time Raila Odinga, refused to work with the agency due to the fact that he was sure that he would win against Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a report by The Standard, an email sent by the firm on December 2, 2013, revealed Raila Odinga's rejection of the Cambridge Analytica services which read,

''It was truly unfortunate that ODM was too confident and thought that the services of SCL would best serve them in 2017 elections when they were already in power. The results of their overconfidence are well known.''

Moreover, the report revealed that during the 2017 election the ODM party had requested the political consulting firm for their services however their request was declined.

Also weighing in on the matter, National Chairman, ODM, John Mbadi indicated his agreement with Sifuna's statements claiming that the firm had the intention of spreading the propaganda on parties not involved in government do not stand a chance during elections.

Mbadi said the firm’s revelations were intended to create the impression that elections can be won only with its involvement.

''Reading through all these stories, I cannot appreciate the value at this time. Why has it become relevant to discuss these stories now? In my view, it is diversionary and curious that the media carry the same story on front pages on two consecutive days,'' Mbadi stated.

''That's a positive thing but, unfortunately, the media sees it as negative. They want to create the impression that you can win only with the evil hand of CA (Cambridge Analytica) on your side,'' Sifuna stated.


John Mbadi ODM Party Leader .


In the run-up to the August 2017 elections, The Star reported that the Jubilee Party had contracted a company known as Cambridge Analytica to help it win the elections.

However, the Jubilee party did accept utilizing its services but denied any form of impunities that may be pointed their way.