Moi's Blunder Set to Cost Kenyan Taxpayer Billions

  • The Kenyan taxpayer is set to lose billions in compensation to victims of torture during President Daniel Moi's regime.

    A report by the Business Daily on Tuesday, January 21, indicated that between June and December 2019, the government initiated a payout of Ksh888 million to some of the victims of torture during the regime.

    This amount is reported to have been used to settle 52 cases that had been filed by the survivors of the Nyayo House torture chambers, forcing the Treasury to deposit the cash with the Attorney-General to fulfill the compensation requirements.

    Charles Rubia (pictured) passed on in December 23, 2019 at the age of 96.

    Reports further indicate that at the same time, the family of the late Charles Rubia is suing the government for Ksh40 billion in compensation due to the torture he allegedly received while in detention in the 1990s.

    Making submissions before Justice Weldon Korir on Monday, January 20, lawyer Irungu Kang'ata demanded that the state pays Rubia, who was detained twice for agitating for the multiparty democracy, alongside Kenneth Matiba.

    Rubia, who passed on on December 23, 2019, saw his vast business interests dissipate following his arrest, a matter that forces his family to seek Ksh150 million as a special compensation for loss of business.

    In March 2019, 23 survivors of the torture chambers, among them former legislator Koigi wa Wamwere wrote to the Treasury to demand over Ksh154 million to cater to some of their medical bills and other daily obligations.

    Other individuals demanding compensation form the government were identified as Irene Wangari, who is demanding Ksh23.6 million, Godfrey Wafula Ksh26.6 million, Rodgers Wafula Ksh30 million and Ruth Wangari Ksh3 million.

    Some who have already been compensated include Kuria Chege Wamwere, an uncle to Koigi who received Ksh4 million in compensation for his detention without trial at Nyayo House for ten days.

    Kenneth Matiba passed on on April 15, 2018, without receiving the compensation awarded to him by the High Court.

    Also with a case pending is Kenneth Matiba whom the courts awarded Ksh978 million as special and general damages in 2017, Ksh15 million in for violations suffered, and another Ksh18.1 million for medical expenses.

    The amount is reported to have since run into billions due to the interest accrued, with the case still dragging on in court.