Ruto's Multi-Million Coast Ranch Sparks Outcry From Neighbours

Taita Taveta County residents reportedly ganged up against Deputy President William Ruto, accusing him of causing starvation in the region, after lake water from was diverted to his ranch.

A report by Daily Nation on Tuesday, January 28, stated that Ruto purchased the ranch from former Taveta MP Basil Criticos and set out to rear livestock.

The county, under Governor Granton Samboja, claimed that Ruto diverted piped water from Lake Jipe for his private use.

The farm is located in Mata Ward, 27 kilometres from Taveta Town, on Taveta-Jipe Road and borders another ranch owned by Criticos.

The county sought access into the ranch, through a motion in court, arguing that locals depend on the water for irrigation and domestic use.

The police are also seeking to arrest the farm's managing director Arie Dempers for reportedly denying a basic need to the area residents, forcing them to travel for miles in search of water.

Sources close to the DP informed the news outlet that the DP rears cattle and goats at the farm in which pasture for livestock has been planted. Ruto further plans to venture into crop farming.

After purchasing the farm, Ruto secured it with an electric fence to thwart squatters' efforts to settle into the farm.

"You should first visit the farm and see for yourself what is happening. I will give my comment then," Arie Dempers stated when contacted.

The DP held several meetings with local leaders at the ranch in January 2020.

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