Kirubi's Hand in DJ Mo's Successful Career

  • For some people, that big break in life might come easy, but for others, it may dawn on you when you least expect, better yet when you have worked so hard and are on the brink of despair. 

    For NTV's Crossover 101's Samuel Muraya alias DJ Mo, his big break came after he had just lost in deejaying competition finals.

    In an interview with YouTube channel Beyond the Screen, the award-winning deejay narrated his journey to the apex of the entertainment industry, noting that he was helped get to where he is by dear people, one of them being billionaire Chris Kirubi.

    NTV’s Crossover 101 DJ Mo receiving the Groove DJ of the Year Award in June 2010.

    Then a budding deejay, Mo was inspired to participate in the 2010 edition of the Pilsner Mfalme deejaying competition following DJ Krowbar's win in the 2009 version of the event.

    Though the competition had many secular DJs, Krowbar's win sort of paved the way for him to give it a try.

    "In 2010 I auditioned and got into that year's edition of the competition. I got through the quarters in Nanyuki, the semis, and I made it to Carnivore for the finals," Mo recounted.

    Prior to the finals, the Crossover 101 DJ and host recalled the hours of practice he put into ensuring he would win the competition, that was inclusive of several instances he failed to go home just to polish his skill.

    In the finals, he was up against DJ Nelly, a secular deejay.

    "I used to sleep at the office deejaying and when the finals came, it was only me and DJ Nelly. Mind you they had said that they wanted to push the beer brand," Mo recalled.

    Unfortunately, when the winner was pronounced, Mo fell short, slotting in as second place.

    The award-winning gospel enthusiast revealed that there was chaos when they announced Nelly as the winner, but when called in to have a talk with the organisers, he conceded defeat.

    "I thought he also deserved to win, maybe God had planned that it was not my day. I thought to myself that if one door closes, God will open another," Mo narrated.

    Though he fell short of victory at the feat, his reputation grew, earning him a nomination in the 2010 Groove Awards. It was there that he met Kirubi.

    The Muraya's, DJ Mo, Size 8 and their daughter Ladashabelle.

    During the award ceremony, the Gospel DJ of the Year Award was presented by the billionaire philanthropist. 

    "When I was on stage, Chris Kirubi was like, 'you are a gospel DJ? And you have that much influence in the category? Come to my office on Monday'. That's how I got the job at Capital FM," Mo recounted.

    A subsequent recognition for Mo followed when he was nominated for the 2011 Talanta Awards held in the US, which he also won.

    A week after he had landed his first job at Capital FM, DJ Mo revealed that NTV came knocking on his door and that's how he got to be on the Crossover 101 show.

    He has since added to his name several accolades; over eight awards.