Italian Behind Jeff Koinange's Favourite Malindi Resort

  • Every holiday, Kenyans look for perfect getaways, and renowned journalist Jeff Koinange is no different.

    While speaking on Hot 96 FM breakfast show on January 9, 2018, Jeff conceded his love for Malindi and in particular, the Kola Beach Resort.

    Located twenty kilometres North of Malindi, the resort appealed to him as spectacular, or as the veteran journalist put it, "Once you drive in its like you are in a little sanctuary, perfect place,".

    Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi and Antonello Di Mauro at the Kola Beach Resort.

    Nearly a decade ago, an Italian man, Antonello Di Mauro who was an employee of the European Union, visited Malindi while on holiday. He immediately fell in love with the place.

    Di Mauro then purchased a reported 25 acres of land upon which he established the resort.

    Jeff revealed that the reclusive tycoon worked for the European Union, recycling end of use vehicles. 

    Di Mauro is one of the individuals that cars which have reached their 'end of life' in Europe are shipped out to, and he is paid to destroy the vehicles, which are then recycled. 

    "What if he put the cars in a container, and shipped them to Africa?" Jeff wondered, noting that Di Mauro has never thought to even dare. "Can you imagine the honesty? Some of them are literally brand new. He strips them, and crushes them," Jeff added.

    He used the money he saved to set up the Malindi based establishment.

    The Kola Beach Resort is completely Italian-themed, to the extent that the employees, including natives, converse in fluent Italian. "Every guy there, from Naomi the manager, she is Kamba, Safari is Giriama... all of them speak fluent Italian," Jeff stated. 

    He reminisced on the beautiful scenery made possible by the combination of the goldish coloured sand and reflection from sun rays.

    "The pool is right outside your door, Jamal (his son) is just there playing ball. The beach is just amazing, fantastic place," Jeff recalled.

    Jeff Koinange (white cap) and staff of the Kola Beach Resort on July 27, 2017.

    Unlike many other resorts, Di Mauro's serves no buffets, neither are there flat-screen television sets nor plain pool towels in patrons' rooms. Kola beach maintains a rather unique touch with fine Italian dining for meals and kikoy towels.

    Guests frequenting the place prefer spending late nights outdoors, staring at the sky, and one desires a TV, the games room is hooked up.

    Di Mauro is a car enthusiast, as evidenced by the role he played in founding Motor Club Malindi. He, along with two of his friends, one of them a former rally driver, had huge passions for cars. 

    The club is open to everyone with cars, motorcycles and quad bikes, experts and amateurs alike. 

    On January 5, they held the second edition of the Malindi 4x4 rally.

    "Were it not that my holiday was for one week, I would have stayed a month," Jeff conceded.

    Jeff Koinange and his son Jamal Koinange at the Kola Beach Resort in July 2017.
    The Kola Beach Resort in Mambrui, Malindi, Kilifi County.

    The Kola Beach Resort in Mambrui, Malindi, Kilifi County.