Blogger Exposes Jalang'o's Secret Plot to Harm Him [SCREENSHOTS]

  • YouTube content creator Edgar Obare on Friday, February 7, claimed that his life is in danger.

    Taking to his social media, Obare accused Milele FM presenter Felix Odiwuor, known to many as Jalang'o, of contacting him and demanding for a meeting.

    "I am sick and tired of fearing for my life and staying quiet, yesterday Jalang'o calls and asks can I come for a meeting at DCI, I ask him what it is about and he refuses to say. 

    "I tell him I have to think about it. I refuse to go without being given a reason for the meeting and he sounds angry and says 'will you come or should we come for you?'," Obare narrated.

    Youtuber Edgar Obare (pictured) claimed that his life was in danger on Friday, February 7.

    Additionally, Obare alleged that a close source to the presenter contacted him and warned that there was a plot hatched to harm him.

    He posted screenshots of the conversation in which the supposed source was informing him of the plan.  

    "Be very careful! They are planning to let things go quiet and people forget before they strike! I hear you still mention boss in your interviews," an excerpt from one of the screenshots read.

    His source further advised him to switch off his phone, stating that if he didn't, he would be located and locked in cells for weeks.

    "I left in the middle of the night and have gone incognito and in case anything happens to me, I want my story out there," Obare stated.

    Efforts by to contact Jalang'o for a comment were futile.

    Obare's utterances come days after he was forced to pull down a video of celebrities, including Jalang'o, whom he claimed were cheating on their partners.

    Speaking exclusively to our newsdesk on Saturday, January 20, Obare stated that his exposés have seen him get threatened and harassed online.

    "Of course I've received threatening messages online and sometimes people warn me that some people are planning something, but no one has pulled up on me," he spoke on the phone.

    Obare noted that he took such threats seriously and always tried to be cautious and mindful of legal obligations.

    Below are the screenshots;