Kenyan Man Whipped by Chinese Boss Narrates 6-Month Torture [VIDEO]

The man who was captured on video being whipped by a Chinese boss has broken his silence with fresh claims about how workers at Chez Wou Restaurant have silently been suffering at work.

Speaking to K24 TV on Saturday, February 8, the man identified as Simon Osieko, 22, disclosed that the boss had a special cane that he kept in his office for caning workers that arrived late for work.

The former employee further alleged that he had endured the beating for the six months he worked at the restaurant because he was afraid of losing his job.

"This is a special cane he made and is inside his store. It is comprised of wire. When he whipped me, I asked him why he had done that and he bluntly asked me 'do you want to continue working or not? Since you came late, I must beat you before you start working.'

"He gave me two strokes. It was so painful because I could not sit down," narrated Osieko.

The man claims that even after receiving the apparent punishment from his boss, he was later fired for the same offence. 

"His biggest wrongdoing was the decision to fire me and now I do not have a job. At least, I used to make a living from that job. 

"He is very harsh and arrogant. As you can see there are no jobs in Kenya. All employees had to bend low in order to keep the job. I, personally, was whipped more than once but, this time, it was worse," narrated the former employee.

When reached by, the restaurant owner identified as Deng, said Osieko and a chef were only playing and he had agreed to receive the lashes of the whip for Ksh100 each. 

Later on, as reported by K24 TV, the chef offered the broadcaster a Ksh20,000 bribe in an attempt to have the story killed.

"Drop the story of that boy, and I will give you Ksh20,000 for lunch. Only think about me, and not him," the voice of the chef is heard in a report broadcast by K24 TV is heard offering a bribe.

Police have opened investigations into the matter with support from the Chinese government.

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