I Was Ready for Death - Gideon Moi's Heckler [VIDEO]

  • Daniel Wekesa Nalyanya, 30, spoke out and disclosed the reasons as to why he briefly interrupted Mzee Daniel arap Moi's requiem mass at Nyayo Stadium, recalling the moments the security detail descended on him,  him out of the event.

    In an interview with K24, and a subsequent bulletin by NTV on Friday, February 14, the father of two disclosed that he had sought President Uhuru Kenyatta's attention for long and seized the opportunity at Nyayo after carefully orchestrating his plan.

     Wekesa's plan rolled out after he managed to secure a seat at a county commissioner's spot, near the presidential dais.

    The 30-year-old Daniel Wekesa being thrown out of Mzee Moi's funeral service on Tuesday, February 11

    "After organisers realised they had set aside many seats that outnumbered the county commissioners’ population, they asked civilians, who had arrived early at Nyayo, to occupy the seats. That was how I ended up sitting at a spot considered so-near to the president’s dais.

    "The security officers only punched me in the face and scratched my face using their nails. They did not target my key organs while beating me up. On that day, I had told myself, ‘I will do everything to catch the president’s attention, even if it means losing my life while attempting to do that’. I was prepared to die; seeing Uhuru was my only aim," Wekesa disclosed.

    The youth who hails from Mlolongo, Machakos County, disclosed that it took the intervention of a senior police officer who called the station and had him released in the afternoon.

    "I wanted to tell Kenyatta that I have tried on three occasions to catch his attention to no avail. I had, previously, tried accessing State House-Nairobi, but I was stopped at the gate by GSU officers. There was a day the officers sympathised with me, asserting that I had really tarmacked in search of work. I pray that one day I'll meet Kenyatta and explain to him the plight we youth face," Wekesa, who was born and raised in Bungoma County stated.

    Wekesa's hatched his plan on Monday, February 10, escaping from his Mlolongo home that night and walked over 27 kilometres to Nairobi, risking his wife's wrath.

    "After eating supper with my wife on Monday night, I left the house as if I was headed to the toilet and walked away to Nyayo. However, at the venue, the guards restricted me from entering and I spent the night storytelling with them up to 5 am," 

    Back at home, his worried home had rushed to the police station to file a missing person's report, thinking that trouble had befallen his way.

    Her instincts were right after a close family member rushed into her home to inform her that his husband was involved in an altercation with security officers at Nyayo Stadium.

    “My wife asked me why I didn't fill her in on my plans. If I had told her, she would have locked me in the house. I have financial issues and I needed to reach out to the president," Wekesa stated, adding that he wished Kenyatta would appoint him to the military. 

    Sometimes he depends on his wife to pay rent, and put food on the table for their two kids and to pay school fees too. It's a hard thing for him to accept," a neighbour informed NTV.

    The 30-year-old holds a certificate in automotive engineering from a technical college in Nairobi and can also drive.

    Daniel Wekesa who was manhandled by the security detail at Nyayo Stadium on Tuesday, February 11

    Video: NTV/K24/Citizen TV