Multiple-Car Crash Along Thika Road [PHOTOS]

Multiple vehicles have been involved in an accident along Thika Road in the early hours of Monday, February 17.

The accident involving at least seven cars left several injured as well as a huge traffic snarl-up at the Muthaiga Junction along Thika Road.

The number of casualties is yet to be confirmed, with rescue efforts currently ongoing.  

A bus also overturned along the highway

On Saturday, February 15, a vehicle plunged into the Nairobi River, raising fears of the state of the occupants.

The accident occurred along Outering Road, raising fresh concerns over the accessibility of the road in that area.

Eyewitnesses on the ground suggested that the driver was intoxicated but the photos that surfaced online showed no occupants in the vehicle.

"The incident took place as early as 6.30 a.m. in the morning but nothing has been done to retrieve the car. As of 8:26 p.m, I passed there and it was still under the water," tweeted user Dan Okeo.

"There are two major problems at this particular bridge point. Two huge bumps erected back to back and there are no visible warning signs for the two number. Many accidents have happened on this road," tweeted another user.

The vehicle that plunged into Nairobi River on Saturday, February 15

Accidents have been on the rise in recent weeks, with authorities pointing out careless driving as one of the main causes. 

On Sunday, December 22, a Subaru Impreza was involved in a horrific accident along Outering Road.

The vehicle ran over a bump and plunged into the Nairobi River.

The river has emerged as a cause of environmental concern over its cleanliness, with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko initiating a cleaning process in 2019.

One of the cars involved in the Thika Road crash

The scene of the multiple car crash along Thika Road on Monday, February 17.


The scene of the multiple car crash along Thika Road on Monday, February 17.


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