K24 TV Anchor Goes on Tirade After Scare in Supermarket [VIDEO]

  • K24 TV anchor Isabella Kituri could not keep her cool after an encounter with a woman in a Kenyan supermarket she described as unbecoming.

    In a video she shared on social media, the seemingly angered journalist details how a woman, that she observed had not sanitised her's and children's hands, aggressively approached her while shopping causing her great discomfort. 

    "Kenyans, let me just rant about this because I am scared, appaled and horrified. Just from doing some social errands and, Oh my God, I enter into a supermarket and somebody does not want to sanitise,  they just want to walk into a Supermarket.

    A photo of K24 TV anchor Isabela Kituri at Mediamax studios along Kijabe street, Nairobi.
    K24 TV anchor Isabela Kituri at Mediamax studios along Kijabe street, Nairobi.

    "I tell them sanitise, you know this thing is real, Corona. They are just like 'it is none of your business, I am clean.' No you are not. you don't know where I have been and I do not know where you have been," she recounted.

    She went further to point out that she felt threatened when a woman got too close to her while she was picking things from a shelf.

    "I want to pick something from the shelf, some woman just wants to close in on me. Understand social distance, give each other space. 

    "Worst of it is that you are a mother walking in with your children. Worst of it is that you are not even advicing them well because you are also just there perambulating. It is not a holiday," she added.

    Kituri expressed her frustration with how casually some Kenyans were taking the threat posed by Covid-19 stating; "Some people can be more scary than Coronavirus... Kenyans let's style up and follow hygiene guidelines."

    Her rant comes at a time when several Kenyans have been stockpiling essentials as anxiety rises following the confirmation of four Covid-19 patients in Kenya.

    Retailers have limited the bulk purchase of sanitisers and antiseptics with the government warning traders against hiking prices. President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that cargo ships and airplanes from China would be allowed to land in Kenya to ensure consistent supply of goods to the country.