Siaya Covid-19 Saga: US-based Priest's Life in Danger After Image Swap [VIDEO]

  • A medical personnel holding a Covid-19 virus test kit.
    File image of a Covid-19 testing kit.
  • A Kenyan priest based in the United States has disclosed that his life is in danger after his image was circulated in reports that a Siaya priest had contracted Covid-19.

    In a video interview with journalist Ian Wafula on Wednesday, March 25, Priest Robert Sewe denied being tested for the virus, explaining that the use of his image by a number of media outlets in place of Priest Richard Oduor had made his life difficult.

    Wafula told that Sewe had felt a shift in his personal relationships because people no longer wanted to associate with him, thinking he was infected.

    "I am not Richard Oduor from Siaya who tested positive for Covid-19. I have not tested positive myself and I don't feel safe for my life.

    One of the sites that used Priest Robert Sewe's image in place of Richard Oduor
    One of the sites that used Priest Robert Sewe's image in place of Richard Oduor

    "I am free as you can see and I am in Los Angeles California. I work at St Francis High School. I received calls from most of my friends in the morning because I was not aware. When I woke up, they were asking if the pictures that were circulating in the media belonged to me," stated the priest.

    "I can't say I am safe. Since I am a public servant, people will think that I went to Kenya and I am back here. It is very damaging," he continued.

    The priest also confirmed that he was contemplating legal action but was awaiting advice from his superiors.

    "I was in anger but being a religious person, I don't work on my own so my superiors will advise me further on what to do," he added.

    Online websites used Sewe's pictures in place of Oduor who is currently in isolation according to the Kenyan Health Ministry. Oduor is accused of deliberately interacting with Kenyans ignoring self-quarantine, despite travelling from coronavirus-stricken Italy.

    The priest did not isolate  himself after his trip and went on to conduct a mass and funeral and was accused of exposing hundreds to the virus.

    "(The priest) may still be looking up for those (media houses) that have not pulled the story down... He revealed that those around him are being sceptical around him," Wafula stated.

    Kenya has recorded 25 Covid-19 positive cases with Oduor among them.