Curfew: Scores of Kenyans Stranded [Video]

  • A photo of people walking along a Nairobi street.
    A photo of people walking along a Nairobi street.
  • Hundreds of commuters were left stranded at various bus terminals in the country after the 7 pm curfew with Public Service Vehicles being less than the demand.

    Following the government's directive that no more than 60% of seats should be filled in public transportation, people have overwhelmed the supply of matatus.

    Commuters have also been left with the burden of shouldering hiked prices from matatus with fare from the CBD to Umoja hiked to Ksh200 from Ksh80.

    Another reason for people getting stranded is that matatus that have left the city centre in the last hour are not making their way back in fear of breaching the curfew.

    Heavy traffic along some routes like Mombasa Road has also been witnessed as Kenyans rush home to beat the dusk till dawn curfew. 

    The same situation is being witnessed in Mombasa at the Likoni Ferry where long queues are still in place as they wait to board. 

    Public service vehicles in Nairobi.
    Public service vehicles in Nairobi.

    Things got ugly in Mombasa as police lobbed tear gas canisters at crowds waiting to board the ferry and used excessive force to the point of beating up commuters. 

    Kenyans who were stranded in town shared mixed reactions towards the curfew, "The curfew is good because it is a government directive and they know best how to handle these situations.

    "There is no better way to handle things, it has not really affected my plans because 7 pm is a good time for everyone to go home.

    "I would urge the government to give everything to finish this pandemic even if it means a lockdown, " said Evans Odiara.

    Njuguna Wachira sees the curfew imposed as the government mistreating its people, "It is really burdening us as Kenyans, it is not the solution.

    "The government should have focused on better solutions, there is no need to order a curfew."

    Long queues are still being witnessed in the city especially at Commercial with a number of commuters struggling to board buses.

    In some instances, social distancing has been thrown out the window as people panic to find their means home in order to beat the curfew.

    Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai announced that Kenyans who were found outside after 7 pm would be arrested.