16 Genius Student's Solving Kenya's Ventilator Crisis [VIDEO]

  • A ventilator next to a hospital bed.
    A ventilator next to a hospital bed.
    New York Times
  • 16 students from Kenyatta University have come together to help solve the ventilator crisis in the country in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In a report by Citizen TV on Saturday, April 11, the students showcased their prototypes which they stated were complete and awaiting certification and approval from the government.

    The stand showcasing the machines was visited by the Trade and Industrialization CS Betty Maina, accompanied by the PS Industrialization and Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor Paul Wainaina to witness the innovation.

    According to the report, the ventilators were produced as a joint venture by students from different faculties, a project that they insist will work if put to the test.

    The Kenyatta University main gate in Kiambu County.
    The Kenyatta University main gate in Kiambu County.

    The students expressed the optimism that on Monday, April 13, they were expecting the approval from the government to begin the mass production of ventilators.

    They further informed that Kenyatta University has the capacity to produce 50 ventilators a week to help the country's hospitals to carter for patients of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    "The urge to make this machine is due to the shortage currently being experienced in the country. We all know that other countries have locked their borders and cannot export these ventilators, yet we direly need them.

    "For the past seven days, we have been working here with a team of 16 students from the school of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Nursing to make these ventilators," Brian Karanja, one of the students explained.

    He further informed that he and the rest of the team had spent sleepless nights working on the prototype and were sure that it was up to the task.

    Countries that have recorded a huge number of COVID-19 infections are all facing a crippling shortage of ventilators to cater to the patients.

    According to a report by British publication the Guardian on April 9, countries as advanced as the United States, Spain and Italy are all facing a ventilator shortage thereby forcing medics to make a decision as to who gets to use the ventilator and who doesn't.

    A report by Global Data on March 23, 2020,  also informed that approximately 880,000 more ventilators were in demand globally, with the US having a shortage of 75,000 ventilators, while the EU (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK) were short of 74,000.