Churchill Show Comedian Shows Off New Car, Blasts Kenyans [VIDEO]

  • YY Comedian during a performance on Churchill Show in July 2015
    YY Comedian during a performance on Churchill Show in July 2015
  • Popular Churchill Show comedian YY stirred up a heated debate on Thursday, April 16 after a video of him showing off his new car as he went on a rant about how entertainers in Kenya were subjected to endless trolling, abuse and cyber-bullying went viral.

    YY referenced the case of fellow comedian Mulamwah who hit the headlines this week after announcing his exit from comedy, citing the incessant trolling from Kenyans online, particularly those on Twitter.

    "You're told to work, but all you do is abuse people online, your work is to abuse Akothee, YY, Mulamwah. What does it help you with?

    "All you do is buy data and insult people online. Continue insulting people, continue! Look at who you are insulting," he stated, gesturing towards his black SUV.

    File image of YY Comedian
    File image of YY Comedian

    Akothee, the other celebrity referenced by YY, is a popular afro-pop artist who in recent years has not shied away from taking on trolls and cyber-bullies.

    A visibly fed up YY insisted that it was time for cyber-bullies to stop needlessly attacking entertainers, urging them to focus on being more productive instead.

    "You keep mocking us so much online, I want you to see this. Go get money, stop abusing people. Work and live in a nice place," he ranted.

    As YY's video gained traction, he was forced to clarify on his social media pages that the car in the video was indeed his, brushing off claims from some quarters that it was all was a stunt meant to generate publicity.

    "The car is mine! We're tired of y'all Twitter bullies! Can't I live my life?" he wrote on Twitter, inviting mixed reactions from Kenyans as some criticized him for bragging about the car while others endorsed his message.

    The comedian, who also produces his own content online, touted his thousands of followers on social media as he maintained that he could not be affected by abuse from cyber-bullies.

    "I have 440k followers on Facebook, 350k on Instagram and 24,200 on Twitter; Total 814,200. That's the numbers in terms of love. Therefore, the only way I will quit comedy is when tweets of hate beat that number, 814,201 tweets. I challenge you. Bila hiyo (Without that) you're toothless!

    "The same effort one uses to try to take someone "down" can be redirected and used to lift themselves up. Good spirit attracts greatness.

    "So some of you chose to bully, insult and troll me here. My ego is very high! I don't think someone who has bought some data bundles can make me feel the trolls! Never!" he insisted.

    Mulamwah, a popular comedian as well, made headlines this week when he shared a video of himself crying as he set a trademark jacket worn in many of his videos on fire, announcing his exit from the industry.

    Mulamwah could be seen wiping away his tears as he set the jacket on fire, leading to an outpouring of support from entertainers and Kenyans online including Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua who offered to help him get his career back on track.

    "I finally spoke to Mulamwah. Watch this space. His setback will be his comeback. Besides my desire to nurture his talent, I'll help him know how to deal with cyberbullies - those mean guys with PhDs (pull him/her down.)

    "Shame them by excelling in your work. Results vs insults!" Mutua shared on Wednesday, April 15.

    Watch YY Comedian's video below: