Govt to Evacuate Kenyans in China With Strict Conditions

An image of Africans sleeping in the streets in China as seen on Thursday, April 9, 2020
Africans sleep in the streets in China as seen on Thursday, April 9, 2020

The government has offered to evacuate Kenyans in China in the wake of escalating racism and tough living conditions in the Asian nation. This is after the Kenyans spoke out in detail, arguing that they had been evicted from their house and were forced to live in the streets. They also lamented at how they had been subjected to forced Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests.

However, the Embassy listed down that for one to be airlifted back home, they would carter for their own expenses, which include air tickets. They should also file details with the Embassy and must be Coronavirus free.

Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau
Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau

A Kenyan in China confirmed that the government had reached out to them and plans were underway, adding that they were also trying to find a way to ensure that Kenyans who do not have residence permits were also flown back home.

"I can confirm this and it is being organised by Ambassador Macharia Kamau, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main purpose is to assist the aggrieved, these are ones with no residence permits. The government will arrange for them to be given amnesty. 

"However, they will incur so much, because remember after paying approximately $1,000 (Ksh 106,000) as air ticket, they will also have to quarantine for 14 days in Kenya upon landing. Or maybe even 28 days," the source informed

Kenyans in China had resorted to planning a demonstration against the government if their outcry would not be taken into consideration. The plan to demonstrate backfired after they were tracked down, with claims that some of them are missing.

"We were set up that we were going to camp in Beijing yet our statuses were not clear. Some of us are missing. They argued that it would be a bad image for the diplomatic relationship between Kenya and China. They have hiked the prices to take advantage of the situation. They know we cannot afford it," another source revealed with one more arguing that they had already spent a lot in quarantine and survival in China. 

Their parents in Kenya had also disclosed that the discrimination was at its peak, detailing that money could not have even bought their freedom as they were denied access to every transaction.

"Our relatives are stuck in China. Even if we send them money, they can't transact as they are not even allowed into shops, " one parent had earlier on stated. In the wake of the new developments, she stated that she was ready to sacrifice to unite with her family.  

"I will organise my daughter to return home. We will also ensure the measures for quarantine are adhered to. She sent me the message and we are looking for a way through," one parent enthusiastically stated while speaking with 

James Kairu, Global Ambassador Diaspora National Assembly for 254 criticised the move while speaking with 

"This Chinese issue is going to become a problem. Many cannot afford that air ticket," Kairu lamented. 

"We humbly request that these Diaspora Kenyan citizens, be assisted and facilitated to immediately return home by the Government of Kenya, through the utilization of currently available resources from the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which was established by President Uhuru Kenyatta, to handle all arising matters pertaining to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, for all Kenyans, regardless of where they are in the World. 

"Some of these citizens can afford their own travel expenses, thus we request that Air Transport is arranged for them. Once they all arrive in Kenya, they can be put under 30 days mandatory quarantine as per the directions of the Ministry of Health," Kairu had also written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, April 16. 

Africans stranded in a Chinese street in China in April 2020
Africans stranded in a Chinese street in China in April 2020
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