Eastleigh Residents Protest Cessation of Movement Order by Government

  • Residents out in the streets in Eastleigh, Nairobi on January 18, 2019.
    Residents out in the streets in Eastleigh, Nairobi on January 18, 2019.
    The Standard
  • Residents in Kiambiu estate near Eastleigh on Thursday morning, May 7, protested after they found roadblocks preventing them from accessing the estate.

    The residents, who were expecting to go to work as usual in the Eastleigh Central Business District (CBD), were shocked when they found heavy security presence near the roadblocks.

    The residents in Kiambiu stated that they were not aware that they would be affected by the Eastleigh lockdown.

    Stranded Kenyans along Kagundo road on Monday April 6, as Police mounted roadblocks to limit movement in and out of Nairobi.
    Kenyans stranded yesterday along Kagundo road, as Police mounted roadblocks to limit movement. April 6, 2020

    "We woke up and found we had been locked down and we were all going to Eastleigh, as usual, to look for jobs. We thought that they would only close down Eastleigh in the evening and not during the day," a resident by the name Oliver Brian stated.

    The residents added that the government was inconsistent with the distribution of foodstuff.

    "Some of the residents received food while others did not receive any food," Brian added.

    At the roadblocks, only essential service providers were allowed to go in and out of the estate.

    On Wednesday, May 6, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe announced a cessation of movement in and out of Eastleigh in Nairobi and Mombasa Old Town which would last for the next 15 days.

    He added that any markets, restaurants and eateries would not be allowed to open in the next 15 days.

    Kagwe announced the decision had been prompted by the rise in numbers of Covid-19 positive cases in the two areas.

    Some of the residents in Eastleigh have since aired their disappointment at the government's decision to lock down the estate. 

    "I have five children and they have locked down Eastleigh. We do not have the means to provide for our children. How are we going to live? I hope that the government will help us," one of the resident's stated.

    "We would urge the government to consider extending the curfew time to 9 p.m. or around 10 p.m.," another one pleaded.