Hundreds Storm KBC Land After Govt Evictions in Ruai

  • Scenes from Friday night, May 15, 2020 demolitions in Ruai, Nairobi
    Scenes from Friday night, May 15, 2020 demolitions in Ruai, Nairobi
  • At least 200 Ruai residents were rendered homeless again after Matungulu Sub-county Police Commander Kipkemoi Kirui blocked a resettlement order by Lands Principal Secretary Nicholas Muraguri.

    Kirui on Tuesday, May 19 arrived in Komarock to block the residents from settling in the area after their homes were demolished in Ruai.

    Speaking to KTN News, Kirui explained why he blocked the IDPs from resettling in Komarock despite being given the green light by the Ministry of Lands.

    An image of demolitions at Kariobangi
    An excavator carrying out demolitions at Kariobangi Sewage Estate in Nairobi on Monday, May 3.

    "Today morning we got news that there are IDPs from Ruai who came to resettle in land belonging to KBC. There is a case between KBC and Koma Ranch, and it is still ongoing in court.

    "We as police officers have come and talked to them. We explained to them that this land has a case and we have not been given instructions that the land should be divided among IDPs," said the police commander.

    The families were forced to spend the night in the cold after their houses were demolished on Friday, May 15 at around 9 p.m.

    This is after the government began the process of evicting people who settled on the disputed 3,000-acre piece of land, to pave way for the expansion of the Dandora Sewerage Treatment Plant in Ruai, Nairobi.

    The Dandora Sewerage Treatment Plant, which stands next to the property repossessed back in April, was built in 1980 and was initially meant to serve city residents.

    Mathare 4A Resettlement Scheme Group Chairman Reuben Ojwang' noted that Lands Principal Secretary Nicholas Muraguri told them to resettle in Komarock.

    Tom, one of the many who were blocked from settling in Komarock, lamented about the living conditions they have been subjected to since the demolitions. 

    "We are from Mathare 4A, we were brought to the sewage in Ruai, in Ruai we used to pay land rates . I don't understand how they came to demolish our houses, we are now living in poor conditions.

    "We were brought here by the government. On coming here, we are hearing other stories, we have hope because some who is hurting must have hope," noted the man.

    An image of Kariobangi residents
    Household items salvaged from the Kariobangi Sewage Estate demolition on Monday, May 4.