Betty Kyallo Unveils Multi-Million Investment in New Show [VIDEO]

  • A file photo of Betty Kyallo
    A file photo of Betty Kyallo
  • K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo on Tuesday, May 19 shared the first installment of her highly anticipated web series known as Betty Kyallo Lately.

    The 27-minute production adopted a 'day in the life' format, taking fans behind the scenes as it depicted a regular day in the presenter's life.

    It captured her starting off the day with a work-out, applying make-up, joking with her child and driving around Nairobi for meetings all while sharing interesting tidbits about herself.

    The anchor, who owns the hair salon Flair by Betty, also unveiled a brand new space, three times bigger than the current location, undergoing renovation works with the salon set to move.

    File image of K24 anchor Betty Kyallo
    File image of K24 anchor Betty Kyallo
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    Kyallo took time to inspect the works, revealing that the move meant a lot to her due to her personal journey as an entrepreneur.

    She was initially associated with upmarket salon Posh Palace, but left to start Flair by Betty after a publicized fallout with one of her former business partners.

    Kyallo disclosed, however, that this wasn't easy as many of her clients who followed her from Posh Palace kept complaining that the space was small and uncomfortable compared to the previous location.

    Kyallo revealed that the renovation works had stopped temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic but had since resumed, asserting that she was taking a strategic approach with the business.

    "My new place, God has been good to me. Honestly, it has been a blessing. And let me tell you by the way, never ever feel like you cannot be bigger.

    "When I left Posh Palace and went to Flair by Betty, the salon was actually smaller than the previous one. There were clients who kept saying, eh Betty, this place is smaller, it's not like the previous one, it's squeezed.

    "Those things at that time really hurt, but right now I just go like these were just people being people and brutally honest in their own way. It's not the right thing to say to someone who has worked so hard, but hey.

    "And then, here we go. Two and a half years later, we have moved from the old location to the new location which is like three times bigger," she stated.

    She explored the new space with one of the individuals overseeing the works, with the spacious location to be segmented into various parts.

    An excited Betty could be heard questioning the progress and making specifications on what she wanted in the new space, such as music.

    Among other things, the space will contain a salon and a spa with the process to move from the old salon having already begun.

    Visiting the old salon, Betty revealed that she considered opening the space one of her greatest achievements due to what she was facing in life at the time.

    She advised entrepreneurs to be patient, visibly emotional as she looked around the old space while recounting her journey.

    "How we came to this place, it was one of the happiest times in business. I was on my own now without a partnership, I was gonna be the boss.

    "I was so young, I didn't know the world can be so tough and so rough. I didn't know that business can be hard but also very fulfilling.

    "I was so, so scared to start this place. But here I am, moving from this place to a bigger place with bigger opportunities for our clients. I'm happy," she stated.

    Watch the video below: