Majority of Anchors Will Lose Their Job in KTN-K24 partnership - Eric Njoka

  • K24 News anchor Eric Njoka at the station's studios
    K24 News anchor Eric Njoka at the station's studios
  • K24 anchor, Eric Njoka, has come out with allegations targeting President Uhuru Kenyatta over the current crisis at the media house.

    In a video on Instagram, the news anchor could not hide his disappointment when he explained that he and other anchors at the station, could be declared redundant in a month's time.

    "KTN News or Standard Group has officially bought some programs on K24 TV. So, K24 staff will be declared redundant in a month's time... 

    "They are getting rid of every person that you know, every face that you know on K24 TV, every producer, anchor, reporter, news editor that you know," Njoka stated.

    A set at K24 studios in Nairobi
    A set at K24 studios in Nairobi

    Njoka added that the problem began in April when MediaMax's acting CEO Ken Ngaruiya gave a notice stating that the employees would receive a 50% pay cut in the wake of COVID-19.

    "The fight at Mediamax was because the staff who were affected went to court, challenging the 50% pay cut. They said that employees should have been consulted," Njoka stated.

    This, Njoka alleged, displeased the president, who has since taken action.

    "We are working for a president who does not care. It seems we are children of a lesser God because no one is listening to us," Njoka continued.

    Further, Njoka disclosed that after the first redundancy in October 2019, he had to take up the roles of editor and a producer to bridge the gap.

    He stated that he had been working as the producer for the Weekend with Betty show, which airs every Friday.

    The news anchor complained that consenting to the 50% pay cut meant that once the journalists were declared redundant in a month's time, they would only leave the company with half their salaries.

    He, however, stated that the managers had denied that the allegations were true.

    His sentiments came a day after Head of TV and Digital Peter Opondo resigned. The highly-publicized drama and management squabbles allegedly played a big role in Opondo's exit.