Ex-Citizen TV Actor's Tailor Disappeared With Ksh60K Suit on Wedding Day [VIDEO]

  • Abel Mutua and his wife (centre) with the best couple on their wedding day
    Abel Mutua and his wife (centre) with the best couple on their wedding day
  • Kenyans dream of their future wedding, but not having a suit on your special day would be a nightmare.

    Former Tahidi High Actor and Script Writer Abel Mutua found himself in that situation when the suit he planned on wearing was seemingly held hostage by the tailor who until that morning was promising to deliver it in time.  

    “He told me that the lapel fabric on my blazer would be imported and the whole outfit would only cost Ksh 60,000. I thought the price was fair because, at a high-end shop, it would have cost Ksh 300,000 and above,” Abel narrated.  

    The tailor simply failed to show up as agreed on the morning of his wedding. 

    Actor Abel Mutua with his wife on his wedding daya
    Actor Abel Mutua with his wife on his wedding daya

    Abel was introduced to a tailoring company called La Giacca, which he liked because the name was Italia for ‘The Jacket’.

    “The actor paid for the outfit a month in advance and instead of paying the deposit, he transferred the whole amount upfront.

    Three weeks went along without any updates from his tailor but his doubts died down on the fourth week after La Giacca called. 

    “The suit is ready to wear but there is a small piece of material that I haven’t received, give me one week to complete,” Abel recalled his tailor’s assurance. 

    After that week the groom to be asked to fit the suit to ensure the measurements were correct. 

    “He brought me another suit which he claimed had the same measurement and any adjustments would be done on the actual outfit,” Abel recalled. 

    The next time the two would meet was on the eve of the wedding when the suit was brought. The shirt, which was supposed to be imported from China, was disappointing. 

    Abel criticised that the lapel, which was to be imported from South Africa was locally available but the tailor defended that Kenyans had stocked imitations. 

    After fitting it, the tailor requested to go back with the outfit and press it so it would be perfect for the wedding. Abel was sceptical but he was promised that by 5 am the suit would be brought back.

    When Abel’s alarm rang at 6.30 am, he woke up excited and ask his groom team if any parcel had been dropped that morning, to which they answered negatively. They tried contacting the tailor but he was unreachable. They tried again later at 8 am but his phone was still switched off.  All the while, the bride did not know the challenge that had hit them and was worried that Abel might have been having second thoughts about the wedding. 

    At 9.30 am, when the wedding was supposed to start, Abel swallowed the bitter pill that he may have been conned so he started exploring other options. The groom’s team was forced to borrow a suit from friends and neighbours for Abel to wear to the wedding. 

    “We went to church and immediately the bride walked in, she was shocked at out outfits. We were dressed in black and white like waiters. The wedding started and proceeded to the reception,” Abel told the story.

    He was surprised when his phone rang and received a notification from his network service provider that the tailor had switched his phone back on. Almost immediately, his phone rang again and this time an unknown caller was on the other line. 

    “I was informed that my suit had been dropped off at my apartment. I never heard from the tailor ever again, no apology no remorse” he told the viewers. Abel chose to change into the new suit for his reception. 

    Actor Abel Mutua dancing with his wife at the wedding reception
    Actor Abel Mutua dancing with his wife at the wedding reception