Police Aid Woman to Deliver Baby While in Remand

  • A newborn maternity ward at Nairobi Hospital
    A newborn maternity ward at Nairobi Hospital
  • Update: Fridah Mwema, the gender officer at Tigoni police station, raised the Ksh 10,000 cash bail for Ann Wanjiru and secured her release. 

    Police officers in Tigoni, Kiambu County, helped an expectant woman to deliver her baby while in jail after she contracted labour pains at midnight.

    A report by the Standard on Tuesday, June 9, detailed that Ann Wanjiru delivered a baby girl in remand after she had been arrested for assault. 

    Wanjiru was detained for failure to raise Ksh 10,000 cash bail. Her husband's efforts to plead with her accuser to drop the charges were frustrated. 

    Fridah Mwema, a police officer at Tigoni Police Station, Kiambu County
    Fridah Mwema, a police officer at Tigoni Police Station, Kiambu County
    The Standard

    The police officers, Fridah Mwema and John Misoi, the Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) took over the duties of midwives and aided her to give birth.

    "It was around 7 pm and we were caught off-guard. She delivered a bouncing baby girl in our presence," Mwema recalled, adding that Wanjiru was moved to a clean room after the officer found her experiencing labour pains. 

    The police officer reportedly rushed to her house and picked up blankets as her colleagues brought baby shawls for the newborn.

    The new mother, who hails from Murengeti, Limuru was later taken to Limuru Health Centre for a check-up. 

    The OCS John Misoi, who had secured a room for her at the police station further liaised with the court to release her on a personal bond. He also organised her safe return home.

    A personal bond is issued on condition that the suspect will appear at all future court dates. The accused doesn't have to post bail but will forfeit the amount in the bond if the promise to appear is broken.

    Before she gave birth, officers Misoi and Mwema would take Wanjiru for check-ups at Tigoni Level 4 Hospital while she was still in remand.