Everybody Needs to Test Positive for Covid-19 Once - Caroline Mutoko [VIDEO]

  • Radio Africa Group Chief Marketing Officer Caroline Mutoko
    Radio Africa Group Chief Marketing Officer Caroline Mutoko speaking at a past forum
    The Standard
  • Radio Africa Group Chief Marketing Officer Caroline Mutoko stated that everyone should test positive for Covid-19 at least once.

    Speaking during a testing exercise at Radio Africa Group offices in Westlands, she noted that testing positive would remove Kenyans out of their comfort zones. 

    “I think everybody needs to test positive once. It shakes you out of your comfort zone,” she opined. 

    The former presenter stated that she had tested negative on two previous tests and since she had recently come into contact with a Covid-19 case the third one was most significant. 

    Journalists have been at the frontline fighting the virus through informing Kenyans about how to keep safe. However. They have also not been spared as a few have recently tested positive. 

    Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange and another colleague at Royal Media Services are the latest to be infected. 

    In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Media Council of Kenya has found itself in uncharted waters since the virus has affected journalists' livelihoods as well

    The council has been issuing protective gear, (face masks and sanitisers) to the journalists.

    The MCK, with its partners like the Kenya Union of Journalists and the Association of Media Women in Kenya have been holding webinars to counsel journalists who have been retrenched. 

    Unfortunately, the council does not have a compensation scheme for its members but it runs many programmes to equip journalists with skills and build their capacity in various fields of their work.

    Projections by the National Steering Committee on Covid-19 show that as many as 30,000 Kenyans may die of the virus in Kenya. 

    A network of Kenyan emergency health responders, Rescue.co has also projected that more than 1.4 million people could test positive in Nairobi alone. 

    A photo of a team of Journalists at Mitihani House During Releasing of KCPE Results on Monday November 18, 2019.
    A team of Journalists at Mitihani House during the release of KCPE Results on Monday, November 18, 2019.
    Simon Kiragu