Form 3 Student Narrates Surviving Mine Collapse That Claimed Two

  • An image of David Oloo
    David Oloo, a form three student narrating how he survived a sand mine collapse on Monday, July 27.
  • A Form Three student from Mayenya, Kisumu County has narrated how he cheated death in a sand mine collapse that claimed the lives of two of his colleagues.

    The incident happened on Monday, July 27, when four students went on a sand-harvesting mission to try and get some extra income as schools remain closed.

    David Oloo lived to tell the tale of how he survived the ordeal and noted he was lucky to survive as he was just about to leave the mine.

    A miner at a Marble mine in Kajiado County on March 7, 2018.
    A miner at a Marble mine in Kajiado County on March 7, 2018.

    "The moment the soil sunk I was almost halfway out of the mine, the soil came crushing on my head, I tried to wriggle out and found myself free from head up.

    "I then took around 10 minutes to regain my strength to call out for help, someone came and pulled me out. By that time I was too exhausted to do anything," he explained. 

    Oloo noted that while he was struggling to free himself after being covered by the sandall his friends were still inside the mine.

    Friends and family gathered around Oloo's home to offer him support and comfort after his harrowing near-death experience.

    Selphine Oloo a parent to one of the students who lost their lives in the incident urged the government to regulate sand harvesting in the area.

    One of the survivors' parents expressed her devastation that the boys lost their lives when they were trying to support their families.

    "They always go to the mine to look for some money, because if they involve themselves in crime they will be killed but now when they have gone to the mine and died, I feel so much pain as a parent," she noted.

    With schools closed many students have turned to various ways of keeping themselves busy mostly through activities that could earn them a living.

    An image of Migori Gold Mine
    An open field gold mine in Migori.
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