Chebet Rono Suffers Anxiety Attack During Interview With Dr King'ori [VIDEO]

  • Dr King'ori pictured on the set of his Wicked Edition show.
    Dr King'ori pictured on the set of his Wicked Edition show.
  • A guest was forced to leave an interview with Dr. King’ori on his NTV show, The Wicked Edition on Friday night, July 31 after it became untenable for her to continue. 

    Chebet Ronoh, an online content creator, had appeared on the show alongside Alex Mwakideu to discuss loyalty and trust. 

    She was giving an account of how she had experienced disloyalty from a friend whom she had broken her back for. 

    Online content creator Chebet Ronoh during a past interview
    Online content creator Chebet Ronoh during a past interview

    The YouTuber recalled paying 3 months rent for the said friend, only for them to destroy her reputation behind her back. 

    Halfway through the narration, she asked the host to temporarily halt the show because she was experiencing an anxiety attack and that her hands were shaking uncontrollably. 

    An anxiety attack is the sudden onset of intense anxiety, which is characterized by feelings of intense fear and apprehension and accompanied by palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, and trembling. 

    While anxiety is a normal emotion experienced by majority of the population, an attack becomes overwhelming to the individual and may be triggered by many factors.

    They include anticipation of a stressful situation, experience, or event. Many people suffer anxiety attacks when; they feel self conscious about social situations, separation from loved ones or feel excessive, unrealistic worry.

    Stress management is an important part of treating anxiety attacks but sometimes it requires medication prescribed by a doctor. 

    A trained mental health specialist can also help in managing anxiety by exploring the patient’s thoughts and feelings and suggesting ways to understand and manage them.

    The Ministry of Health has noted an increase in mental disorders due to the disruption of peoples’ lives brought about by Covid-19. 

    The pandemic has caused many Kenyans to worry about contracting the disease, their sources of income, the uncertain future and the separation from friends and family following the enforcement of social distancing.

    The government has prioritized mental health and psychosocial support through provision of services to the general public, quarantine and hospitalized persons, healthcare workers, and high risk vulnerable populations.

     Other measures in place include provision of 24 hour access to tele-counselling services and psychological care via hotline numbers 1199 and 719.

     Implementation of the presidential directive on mental health, and transformation of Mathare Mental Hospital into a parastatal is also underway to provide referral specialized care, training and research in mental health.