Tax Waivers: KRA Rolls Out Enhanced System

  • Kenya Revenue Authority signage on a building
    Kenya Revenue Authority signage on a building
  • The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) issued a public notice on Monday, August 3 on the processing of tax waiver applications.

    It was announced that an enhanced system to process waiver applications had been rolled out, with the taxman now embarking on a process to clear a backlog of pending applications.

    Enshrined in the Tax Procedures Act, 2015, under Section 89(7), Kenyans can apply for waivers of penalties and interest for failing to file their tax returns on time. They must, however, meet various conditions.

    KRA sought to notify all those with pending applications that each of them would be contacted using information available on their iTax profiles.

    Times Tower Building.
    Times Tower Building, Nairobi.
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    Applicants were urged to verify that their contact information, including e-mail address and phone number, was up to date as they would be contacted either via SMS or e-mail.

    Within 30 days of receiving the afore-mentioned communication from KRA, applicants will be required to provide evidence supporting their waiver applications.

    As the taxman revealed, failure to do so within the deadline will lead to automatic rejection of the application.

    "Kindly note that all waiver applications that will not have supporting evidence presented by the specified deadline shall be rejected and the penalty and interest thereof demanded for payment," he stated.

    Members of the public were urged to reach out to KRA directly with any queries over the process.

    Several Kenyans who applied for tax waivers over recent weeks and months had complained that they had received no response on their applications. They expressed hope that the notice would see their applications finally processed.

    One can apply for tax waivers online, on the KRA's iTax platform. After entering your KRA pin and password, click on the menu titled 'Debts and Enforcement'.

    Next, select 'Apply for Waiver for Penalties and Interests' and choose Applicant Type to access the KRA waiver application form.

    No guarantee exists that your application will be successful. Common reasons given for failing to file returns on time in such applications include sickness and job loss.

    A photo of residents queueing outside the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) office in Nyeri in June 2017 ahead of the deadline to file their tax returns.
    Residents queue outside the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) office in Nyeri in June 2017 ahead of the deadline to file their tax returns.