Online Platform for All Nairobi Land Transactions Unveiled

  • Lands CS Farida Karoney during her vetting process at parliament buildings in February 2018
    Lands CS Farida Karoney during her vetting process at parliament buildings in February 2018
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  • Lands CS Faridah Karoney unveiled a new platform for all land transactions within Nairobi County, ranging from purchases, transfers and leases. 

    The move came a year after Parliament declared manual land transactions invalid and set up the Land Registration (Electronic Land Transactions) Regulations 2020. The regulations took effect on Tuesday, July 14. 

    CS Karoney stated that all Nairobi transactions will be undertaken under the online lands registrar. The platform is found under e-Citizen/Ministry of Lands.

    “A person who wishes to use or undertake a transaction shall sign up to the system by providing the following information… name, national identity card or alien card number, the personal identification number and such other details as the system may require.

    File: President Uhuru Kenyatta and Lands CS Faridah Karoney

    “Every user shall submit any instrument or document for registration or recording under the Act electronically through their user account," the CS stated in early August 2020.

    Companies too will be required to register using their business registration or incorporation number.

    Rules of the online transactions are listed under the Land Registration (Electronic Land Transactions) Regulations 2020. The regulations include alternative measures to register land as directed by the Chief Registrar whenever the electronic means fails.

    The Chief Land Registrar may refuse to process a registry transaction if the person seeking to carry out the registry transaction fails to properly complete the prescribed form in accordance with the instructions contained in the form. The register may also decline the land registration if one fails to attach a document or provide the information in a prescribed form; or fails to pay the prescribed fee. 

    A user shall be responsible for the security of his or her login credentials and for any access made using the login credentials. He/She will not distribute, sell or combine any information accessed through the system;

    The user will also not copy, exchange, sell, disclose or use the land-related information accessed from the system for any other purpose other than what is stated in the user agreement without the prior written approval of the Cabinet Secretary. 

    One can also change his or her login credentials from the site. Upon issuance of a notice, a user can also terminate his account. The Chief Land Registrar has also been granted the power to restrict, suspend or terminate a user's access to the system.

    Ardhi House, Lands Ministry headquarters in Nairobi