Father, 2 Kids Live in Forest for 6 Months Over Ksh1,500 Rent Arrears [VIDEO]

  • Simon Musyoka (in red cap) who has been living in the forest for six months speaks to NTV on Monday, August 18, 2020.
    Simon Musyoka (in red cap) who has been living in the forest for six months speaks to NTV on Monday, August 18, 2020.
  • A father and his two children have called Chang'ombe bush in Nairobi their home for six months after they were kicked out from their house over Ksh 1,500 rent arrears.

    A report by NTV indicated that Simon Musyoka and his two children were kicked out of their home in Mukuru slums in February after they failed to raise the monthly rent.

    Musyoka disclosed that city life had become unbearable for him and he had to find different means to provide a roof over his family.

    After their eviction, Musyoka's wife reportedly abandoned him and left the father to cater for their two children by himself. 

    A long shot view of Mukuru kwa Njenga slums

    "My life has been hard. I prayed to God and also looked for means in which I could protect my family. That was when I came to this point," he stated.

    Musyoka's former neighbours in Mukuru were heartbroken after learning of his living conditions and raised Ksh 10,000 to aid in his travel back home.

    The neighbours also encouraged his wife to return to the family.

    "In that situation, I was doing my best. The whole work was mine, the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children as well as looking for food.

    "The problem we experienced (living in the bush) was mosquito bites," he added.

    Musyoka put up a tent in which he slept in with his children and in the video, a utensils rack could be seen as well as a traditional cooking structure.

    Since the pandemic struck the country in March, a wave of demolitions and evictions have rocked the city with 8,000 people rendered homeless in June after the state demolished their homes.

    The evictions began in May in the Kariobangi North Sewerage settlement and surrounding areas. 

    On May 4, the demolitions began early morning where 7,000 people were driven out of their 600 households in the area. On May 15, another 1,000 people were kicked out of their homes in Ruai.

    Some of the affected families slept outside for weeks gathering at fires and running the risk of contracting the fast-spreading Covid-19 virus.

    Below is the video: