I Used HELB Loan to Spoil My Mother - MP Ole Sankok

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    Simon Kiragu
  • Nominated MP David Ole Sankok on Saturday, August 22 revealed that during his university days he used his loan from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to sponsor a trip for his mother.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the Jubilee legislator stated that he grew up in poverty, and going to university, he depended on student loans to afford basic essentials.

    "We would receive Ksh21,000 a year from HELB and Ksh8,000 would go to student accommodation, so I started a mitumba business to make an extra coin," he stated.

    Nominated Senator Ole Sankok with his mother at KICC
    Nominated Senator Ole Sankok with his mother at KICC

    The money from the business would not last long, the MP noted, adding that he decided to treat his mother to a trip to Nairobi with the money from HELB.

    "I invited her over, telling her I had money, so I paid for her fare from Narok to Nairobi and took her to KICC," Sankok revealed, adding that she was at first adamant about visiting, questioning the source for the money but he eventually convinced her.

    The first thing he did was buy his mother a dress and a pair of slippers that she could walkin during their city tour. She was accompanied by his youngest brother who also got a toy gun to play with from the MP.

    "That day I spent a lot of money but it was worth it because I wanted to gift my mother. After all that, I had no money for her to go up to KICC where they were charging KSh150 per trip to the top but I promised her that soon I would be able to afford that and even take her to Mombasa," he added.

    Sankok cooked for his visiting family and accommodated them in his room in the student quarters.

    Years later, he fulfilled his promise to his mother and booked her a trip by plane to Mombasa.

    "I am very grateful to my mother because she took care of me, with my disability and inspired me to be the man I am today," Sankok added.

    Nominated Senator Ole Sankok with his mother at the Osim country lodge.
    Nominated Senator Ole Sankok (left) with his mother at the Osim country lodge.

    Sankok who represents the disabled and minority in Parliament in July announced that he will retire from politics in 2022. 

    The vocal MP stated that he was offering an opportunity for other disabled Kenyans to take up the mantle and bring new laws and ideas.