Kenyan Goes Viral With Simple Affordable Recipe Ideas [VIDEO]

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    Photo collage of pilau (left) and ugali with beef (right)
  • Most home cooks can attest to having tried different recipes to try and expand their culinary skills. For a professional Chef like Ali Mandhry, a recipe is meant to include the technical aspects of a dish while also teaching the artistic combination of flavour and texture. 

    A recipe communicates the ingredients and procedures the chef uses to make his creations.

    On Thursday, August 27, James Njoroge (Jimmy/Pasta Chef) went viral on social media after hatching and sharing affordable homemade recipes packaged with humour that had netizens debating on his cooking style. 

    Speaking with, Pasta Chef disclosed that cooking is a passion he upholds despite having studied Anthropology. 

    A cake baked by James Njoroge (Pasta Chef) as seen on Thursday, August 27, 2020

    The Nairobi based Anthropologist and a digital journalist with one of the local dailies stated that he draws his motivation from film making and comedy and the desire to share his ideas with anyone who interacts with his space.

    "I enjoy cooking for my girlfriend and I try out recipes based on the ingredients that I have. This prompted me to make some short videos and post them online. 

    "I did not study hospitality. I learned how to cook from a young age and polished my skills from online tutorials. No one has reached out for advice yet on how I make my recipes but they are easy to follow and understand as depicted in the videos," Pasta Chef stated. 


    Pasta Ng'ang'a

    "You've heard of pilau Njeri, but have you tried Pasta Ng'anga?" Pasta Chef introduces his recipe.

    Add spaghetti in cold salty water. 

    Warm for 6 minutes. 

    Fry garlic for a few minutes and add onions. 

    Fry them until they turn golden brown. 

    Add tomatoes and fry for a few minutes 

    Add salt, pepper, coriander, oregano and paprika 

    Add three eggs and immediately add spaghetti 

    Stir for a few minutes 

    Serve while warm 


    Knead dough from wheat flour

    Add two eggs and stir 

    Pasta Ng'ang'a cooked by James Njoroge (Pasta Chef) as seen on Thursday, August 27, 2020

    Cut small pieces of two ripe bananas, add them into the dough and stir 

    Add enough water, vanilla, baking powder and cinnamon  

    Stir for a while 

    Spread cooking oil in a sufuria and add your ingredients into it

    Put it into the oven at 180°c 

    Heat for a few minutes and enjoy your cake

    Watch a video of the recipes by Pasta Chef