Confession Puts CS Kagwe in Trouble [VIDEO]

  • Health CS Mutahi Kagwe address a gathering in Nairobi in June 2020
    Health CS Mutahi Kagwe address a gathering in Nairobi in June 2020
  • Health CS Mutahi Kagwe is in danger of losing public trust and possibly his job over his alleged involvement in the emotive KEMSA scandal.

    KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari and Chairman Kembi Gitura admitted to Senators on Friday August, 28 that CS Kagwe and his PS Susan Mochahe had influenced its operations.

    The video has been widely shared on social media, with Kenyans surprised by the allegations. 

    The massive public support CS Kagwe had received since his appointment could be thrown out of the window following the mention of his name in the grilling session.

    "You told us there are so many cartels inside the Ministry of Health and that you were to expose them, did you join them?" Isaac Muthusi joined Kenyans in questioning the Kagwe's motive. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered investigations into the scandal to be completed in 21 days, and at that time the real culprits will be uncovered. 

    CS Kagwe had vowed to fight graft in his ministry, going on to boldly admit that their were cartels at Afya House

    Months after his appointment, he ordered the transfer of senior officials, in a move that was aimed at disrupting the corruption chain. 

    The transfers were met with strong resistance, with some of those affected vowing to stay put. 

    President Kenyatta also ordered a reshuffle in the ministry but within minutes of the document being sent to media houses, the change were recalled

    Lawyer Ahmednasir weighed in on the scandal, predicting that the investigations ordered by Uhuru would follow a pattern from past similar scandals. 

    He said that is was likely that the public would turn against CS Kagwe and possibly demand his exit from the ministry but his PS would take the fall.

    "After all Susan is the accounting officer and we just ensure that Kinoti (DCI) and his boys zero in on that and Haji (DPP) emphasises that point when ordering her prosecution," he suggested. 

    An image of Susan Mochache
    Ministry of Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache speaking at a past event.
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