Passenger Returns Stash of Cash Dropped Inside Kenya Mpya Bus

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    Paul Captain smiles in a photo posted on his Facebook page in August 2018
  • A passenger earned praise from Kenyans after he returned Ksh38,000 he found dropped inside a Kenya Mpya bus en route to Thika on Wednesday, September 16. 

    The man who identifies himself as Paul Captain, while speaking with stated that he reached out to Kenyans through his social media pages and challenged them to describe the bundle of cash.

    A number of netizens reached back claiming the cash, however, the true owner was able to match the description of the lost money.

    "A lady reached out to me and stated that the money belonged to her sister. The sister was set to rent a house and also buy some basic commodities as she started a new phase of her life. She passed the challenge by describing how the amount was stashed. 

    Paul Captain poses with the Ksh 38,000 he found dropped inside a Kenya Mpya bus on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

    "She also narrated to me how passengers confronted the conductor for charging us Ksh100 rather than Ksh80 from Nairobi to Thika. That's when I realised that it was her money," Paul stated. 

    The two were scheduled to meet on Thursday, September 17. 

    After finding the lost cash in the bus, Paul narrates how he arived at the decision to return the money. After alighting at Thika, he headed to a park where he sat and pondered on what to do with the Ksh38,000. 

    "Something was telling me to keep the money and settle some bills with it. But I decided to talk to some of my friends. Many of them asked me not to keep it. 

    "One old man told me, 'Captain, I know times are hard and maybe today was your lucky day. But also maybe God used you to see this money because he knew it will be in safe hands so you can return to the owner'. I agreed with him and also remembered that my parents told me not to take what does not belong to me," he narrated on his social media pages. 

    His decision attracted mixed reactions with some blatantly advising him against returning his windfall. 

    "Captain, this was a test and you have passed the exam. Whatever you are waiting for is soon knocking at your door," Hannah Nungari commented.

    "Gai afadhali ni Mimi ningezipata aki nilipe rent ya last month Bora sijaibia mtu (How I wish it was I who found the money. I would have at least paid paid my last month's rent. As long as I have not stolen from anyone)," one netizen lamented. 

    A section of the Thika Superhighway at Allsops
    A section of the Thika Superhighway at Allsops
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