Yvonne Okwara Makes Musician's Dream Come True [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV news anchor Yvonne Okwara
    Citizen TV news anchor Yvonne Okwara
  • Citizen TV news anchor Yvonne Okwara made a popular rapper's dreams come true during a rare appearance on the 10 over 10 show hosted by Willis Raburu.

    Deodassah composed a song about the news anchor titled Yvonne Okwara in April with hopes of meeting her after the song came out. 

    While performing the song on the late-night music show, Okwara made a surprise appearance leaving the rapper speechless as he forgot the lyrics to his ode to the TV anchor.

    Okwara was also tongue-tied only letting out "I don't know where to start...oh my God...like...yeah."

    After they both recollected themselves, the rapper confessed that he thought it would take him at least three years before getting the chance to meet Okwara.

    "It is difficult to imagine someone rapping an entire song about me, now I can die happy. If my boss is watching, I'm good. Mama if you are watching I made it," she gleefully stated. 

    At first, Okwara says she thought reports about the song were a hoax, until it went viral and she started jamming to the chorus. 

    The rapper explained that he chose to write the song because of her impact on the media industry.

    He praised her for not being involved in sideshows and scandals that usually bedevil media celebrities.

    "Yvonne you are an icon, so many young girls want to be like you. I just wanted to celebrate you and what you are doing for the nation," Deodassah explained before asking her to feature in his video which she readily agreed to. 

    Musicians and other celebrities have developed symbiotic relationships in which they ride on each others popularity.

    The phenomenon is more prominent in the US between rappers and NBA players but is slowly taking shape in Kenya.

    Popular rapper Khaligraph Jones released a song titled Yego, in honour of Julius Yego following his win at the Olympics. 

    Nyashinski also has a hit song about marathon legend Eliud Kipchoge following the world-famous sub-two-hour marathon

    Watch the video of Yvonne Okwara surprising the rapper here.