TV Show Winner Exposes Six-Year Battle for Ksh5M Prize

  • Queen Elizabeth Obayi at an event with her company Queen's Jikoni
    Queen Elizabeth Obayi at an event with her company Queen's Jikoni.
  • In 2014, Queen Elizabeth Obayi took her passion for the culinary arts to a national cooking show with hopes of showcasing her talents and bagging the grand prize.

    As fate would have it, among hundreds of participants who applied, she emerged the winner in the inaugural and what would turn out to be the only edition of the 'Kikwetu Super Chef' Show.

    After her crowning, Obayi explained that things took a turn for the worse, as she is yet to get the prize - a restaurant worth Ksh5 Million. She claims that she only received Ksh500,000 cash prize from the media station.

    Speaking to, the show's winner opened up on what unfolded, with the title sponsors of the show not holding up their end of the bargain. 

    Queen Elizabeth Obayi during a catering gig.
    Queen Elizabeth Obayi at a catering gig.

    "When we were in the show, we were under the impression that the winner would get keys to a new restaurant. However, it turned out that I had to source for a location to establish the restaurant and make a proposal to get the money," she explained.

    The sponsors revealed that she would receive Ksh3 Million to set up a restaurant at a location of her choice and Ksh2 Million in advertising.

    However, Obayi did not receive the money and sought the services of a lawyer in 2017. In court documents seen by, the brand stated that she had breached the contract.

    "The plaintiff breached the said agreement by submitting proposals whose budget exceeded the agreed amount of Ksh3 million yet the plaintiff was not willing to top up the balance," the company stated through their lawyers.

    Obayi explained that the reasons for rejecting her proposals were flimsy as she was willing to top up her own money to have her dream restaurant.

    "They turned down my proposals saying the locations were not good. As we speak today, there are successful food businesses in all the restaurant locations I had proposed at the time. That is what pains me," she stated.

    Obayi currently runs her own catering service, Queens Jikoni where she serves at birthdays, weddings, baby showers, ruracios and other events.

    "I am currently working from home and I advertise on social media and also through word of mouth," the chef explained.

    Queen Elizabeth Obayi at a catering gig in Nairobi.
    Queen Elizabeth Obayi at a catering gig in Nairobi.

    It has been six years since she won the competition. The court process has dragged on for years with no agreement in sight, but through it all, the culinary expert remains optimistic that a way foward will be forged with her getting her restaurant.

    "I am going to set up my own restaurant, I have utensils, a plan and all that is lacking is the finances but everything is ready," she conveyed.