Citizen TV Journalist Escapes Death After Ambush by Highway Thugs

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    Citizen TV studios
  • A Citizen TV journalist sustained injuries as he tried to flee following a highway ambush by robbers

    Chrispin Otieno based in Kisii County was attacked alongside a colleague and two other passengers as he came from work on Thursday night at around 7:30 pm. 

    The four were waylaid before being ambushed in the middle of the road by one of the vehicles, a Double Cabin, while another car blocked them from behind. 

    "Six guys alighted from the vehicles and ordered us to alight. One of them had a club and the other an item closely resembling a pistol. 

    Citizen TV journalist Chrispin Otieno

    "I was seated at the front seat. As it was dark, I jumped out of the car and dashed into a nearby bush and ran for safety. They chased after me, and I could hear them saying that they were specifically looking for me. It's like I was the target," Otieno stated while speaking with

    The reporter sought refuge at a wholesale house, nearly 1 kilometre from the highway and reached out to Kisii County Commander Jabel Munene via a phone call.

    Munene sent a number of police officers to the scene where the altercation occurred. 

    "I was worried about my colleagues. I am happy all of them are safe. The thugs only took the car keys. All other equipment were left intact. Two of them were arrested.

    "I dislocated my leg during the incident, and also hurt other parts of my body," he added.

    The incident was reported at Keumbu Police Station. Police have launched a manhunt for the rest of the gang. 

    A report by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) dated May 2020, identified Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu, Meru as the most insecure counties in Kenya

    According to the 2018 Annual Crime Report released by the National Police Service (NPS), Nairobi County was the murder capital leading with 235 homicides, followed by Nakuru 171, Kiambu 142, Meru 139, Kilifi 125, Machakos 109, Kisii 108 and Murang'a 100.

    One of the cars that blocked Chrispin Otieno's vehicle on Thursday night, September 24, 2020