CCTV Footage Captures Thugs Breaking Into 9 Shops

  • An image of CCTV footage
    A screengrab of a CCTV footage capturing a suspected robber entering a building in Mombasa on Friday, September 18.
  • Police in Mombasa are in pursuit of a gang terrorising business owners by breaking into buildings and making away with electronics in the Coastal city.

    In the most recent incident, they broke into nine shops located inside one building, with their most preferred items being money, computers and other electronics.

    Two men were captured by CCTV cameras on Friday, September 18 entering the building as they posed as regular customers.

    A police officer pictured at a crime scene.
    A police officer pictured at a crime scene.

    On that Friday, then two men spent close to four hours inside the building and made away with goods suspected to be computers and other electronics.

    They are able to break through door grills and then pick the locks of the main doors with owners coming back to find the grill tampered with.

    "A desktop was stolen and an extension cable, they also scattered the documents looking for money," said one trader.

    "We found a locker broken into and a laptop missing, the office phone was also stolen together with Ksh6,000," explained a businesswoman.

    Traders in the area have decried the lack of intervention from local authotiries as the gang seemed to be roaming free. 

    They say that every once in a while a break-in reported in the building.

    Two caretakers in the building were arrested and taken to court on Monday, September 28, and freed on a cash bail of Ksh50,000.

    Police suspect that the caretakers were either involved in the robberies or had a hand in them.

    The building also houses a bank with police also investigating the market for electronics where the robbers cash in the items.

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