CCTV Captures Thugs Break into Car in Broad Daylight

The thieves caught on camera breaking into a vehicle on September 17, 2020.
The thieves caught on camera breaking into a vehicle on September 17, 2020.

UPDATE Monday, September 21: DCI detectives have arrested an additional two suspects believed to have been part of the gang that was captured on camera breaking into a car.

The two were apprehended at Majaoni area of Mombasa a day after another accomplice was nabbed at his home where a vehicle matching the description of the getaway car was recovered. 

"[name hidden] is believed to have driven and parked the suspect motor vehicle Reg. No. KCX [Redacted] on pretex of having developed a mechanical problem. The same car is captured on camera ferrying car breakers from the crime scene," a statement by the DCI reads in part. 

UPDATE Sunday, September 20: Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives in Mombasa have nabbed one of the suspects captured on CCTV breaking into a car.

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The team also recovered a vehicle from the suspect's home believed to have been used as the getaway car. 

"Following credible information from members of the public, a team of detectives has arrested [the suspect] from his home in Kiembeni and recovered a Toyota Ractis," a statement by the DCI reads in part. 

CCTV footage has emerged of thugs breaking into a parked car in broad daylight.

The clip which was dated Thursday, September 17, revealed how the men were able to carry out a robbery without raising any suspicion.

Two of the thugs were seen alighting from a vehicle as one approached the victim's car.

Watch the video of the robbery below:

One of the perpetrators is seen jiggling with the handle of the driver's door, but he is unsuccessful.

His first try is unsuccessful and is forced to retreat as an identified man walks by. Once the man is out of the picture, the thug goes back to the same door which would not yield to his manoeuvering.

He is later seen moving to the back door as his accomplice looks out for any signs of trouble.

The thug breaks a portion of the window and is able to open the door before taking what appears to be an envelope.

The two then get into their getaway vehicle without raising any suspicion from passers-by and boda boda riders who had parked nearby.

The incident is one of many car-related incidences reported with the 2018 Annual Crime Report released by the National Police Service (NPS) showing Nairobi county leading with cases reported.

When parking in Nairobi CBD, motorists encounter parking boys who demand Ksh100 or Ksh200 depending on the street.

Hundreds of motorists have reported finding their vehicles vandalized, some with missing wheel caps, while others ended up with side mirrors without outer casings.

When parking your vehicle, it is advisable to keep valuables such as laptops, wallets out of sight so as not to attract criminals.

Additionally, car alarms serve as a theft-deterrent system and are designed to alert individuals if any unauthorized person tries to tamper with a vehicle. 

Motorists are also advised not to park their vehicles in dingy areas where there is a high risk of theft and destruction.

A parking lot in Nairobi.
A parking lot in Nairobi.
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