TSC Hiring Process Causes Uproar After 300,000 Apply

  • File image of a teacher and students in class
    File image of a teacher and students in a class
  • Tutors have raised concerns over the Teachers┬áService Commission (TSC) hiring process terming it as flawed and unfair.

    Over 300,000 teachers across the country have applied for the 11,574 jobs that were advised in early September.

    The post-primary teachers claim that those who graduated in 2012 have been handed a boost by being allocated 50% of the marks which gives then an advantage in the hiring process.

    A signpost showing Teachers Service Commission mandated with hiring teachers in Kenya.
    A signpost showing Teachers Service Commission mandated with hiring teachers in Kenya.

    Teachers who graduated in 2019 have cited being handicapped after being allocated 15% while those who graduated in 2020 are handed a mere 10 marks.

    Teachers who signed up as interns have also been rewarded 10% of the marks in the recruitment process.

    The tutors have previously raised concerns over the exploitative nature of internship with interns in primary schools earning Ksh.10,000 while those in secondary taking home Ksh.15,000 per month.

    The pay gets even lower after being subjected to personal insurance cover, education loan, hospital insurance, social security and tax deductions.

    The academic qualifications earn the candidates 35% for first-class degrees, 30% for upper second class, 25% for lower second class and 20% for a pass.

    Holders of a Diploma get 25%, a credit earns the candidates 20% while a pass only gets one 15%.

    An oral interview earns a candidate five marks for communication skills, presentation, participation in co-curriculum activities, students' academic performance and special talents.

    Teachers have been handed a window that expires on Thursday, October 22 to raise complaints at the county level after which documents of successful candidates will be forwarded to the headquarters.

    TSC will take 17 days to verify the results submitted before sending the official posting letters with the new teachers being posted on Monday, January 4.

    A Kenyan teacher with pupils in class