Residents Go on Rampage, Block Kiambu Road [VIDEO]

  • Thindigua residents protesting along Kiambu Road on October 21, 2020.
    Thindigua residents protesting along Kiambu Road on October 21, 2020.
  • Residents in Thindigua Estate on Wednesday, October 21, took to the streets blocking a section of the busy Kiambu Road.

    The protestors were airing their grievances over bad roads in the area as they barricaded the road and lit bonfires.

    Motorists using the road had to divert and use alternative routes to avoid getting caught up in the chaos.

    Police were deployed to the section to restore order amidst the protests.

    Watch the video of the protest below:

    The residents even felled a tree by the roadside and used the branches to block the road.

    Residents in Kiambu county have held protests a number of times over the issue of poor roads. In July 2020, Kabete locals protested works by a road contractor on a 2-kilometer stretch over allegations of changing course.

    They accused the contractor of encroaching on the land of a vulnerable man during construction.

    Months prior, residents in Lari accused the county government of alienating them over development projects. 

    In June 2019, a section of Kiambu residents staged a protest against the expansion of Muthaiga-Kiambu road into a dual carriage.

    The residents claimed the construction had failed to take into consideration basic amenities and the businesses along the road.

    Kiambu Governor James Nyoro in August 2020, announced that the county had commenced rehabilitation and upgrading of urban infrastructure with more than 30km of roads set to be tarmacked.

    “Road users across Kiambu County will benefit from the improvement in road upgrading and maintenance through less traveling hours and vehicle operating costs,” Dr. Nyoro stated.

    Watch the video of Kiambu residents protesting on October 21, 2020 below: