Kenyan TV Journalists Who Made Comebacks After Retirement

  • Veteran journalists Lolani Kalu (L), Catherine Kasavuli and Mambo Mbotela (R)
    Veteran journalists Lolani Kalu (L), Catherine Kasavuli and Mambo Mbotela (R)
  • After years of hard work, employees retire either to explore new opportunities or just spend time with their families. A few, however, often end up going back to what they have always done best. It's a common happening in the media scene.

    These journalists are among employees who retired at a certain time in their careers, sought other paths but found themselves back in the industry;

    1.) Lolani Kalu

    He is the latest media personality who went on retirement a while back, but is set to make a comeback on TV47.

    The 56-year-old, who retired from NTV, is expected to revive some of the shows that he did previously including; Malimwengu na Lolani and Gumzo Mtaani.

    Kenyans took interest in Kalu after his financial struggles were highlighted on social media in September 2020. Lolani denied claims that he had been fired from NTV, adding that he had retired.

    "I have signed a one-year deal with TV47, the opportunity came after fans saw me shooting my personal shows with one of the artists I was interviewing having TV47 branding.

    "Fans called TV47 to find out if I had signed a deal with the station, and that prompted them to hand me a contract. I will be a coast regional reporter covering the six counties," he explained.

    An image of Lolani Kalu
    Former NTV journalist Lolani Kalu posing for a photo in a studio.

    2.) Badi Muhsin

    Veteran KBC Swahili news anchor Badi Muhsin is famed for his constant presence on millions of TV screens across the country back in the days.

    Some years back, however, Muhsin retired and moved on to focus on his company as well as family. 

    However, the death of former president Daniel Toroitich arap Moi led Muhsin to be recalled on KBC for a special bulletin.

    Muhsin was well versed with the topic, having read the news during Moi's era, between 1980 and 2002.

    A file image of Veteran journalist Badi Muhsin
    A file image of Veteran journalist Badi Muhsin

    3.) Catherine Kasavuli

    Kasavuli is a household name whose career spanned from 1980, when she was barely 18 years old.

    The media personality, who is about 58 years of age today, worked in different media stations including; KBC, KTN and Citizen TV, before she finally quit in 2015.

    She is famed for being the first news anchor to conduct a live bulletin in Kenya.

    In 2019, however, Kasavuli made a comeback at KTN News where she was working as a voice coach for the news anchors.

    Renowned media personality Catherine Kasavuli
    Renowned media personality Catherine Kasavuli

    4.) Mambo Mbotela

    The journalist's career spans more than five decades, having joined Voice of Kenya (VoK), now Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), in 1964.

    Mbotela hosts one of the oldest shows, je huu ni ugwana, until today.

    The 79-year-old retired in the late 90's but came back on air on both KBC TV and radio. 

    Radio Personality Leonard Mambo Mbotela during a past interview.
    Radio Personality Leonard Mambo Mbotela during a past interview.

    5.) Mutegi Njau

    The veteran journalist retired from the Nation Media Group in 2005 having worked there for 24 years. 

    In 2006, however, Mutegi landed a job at Citizen TV as a senior editor and would be part of discussions on the morning show, power breakfast.

    At the station, he doubles up as the in-house training editor and is in charge of journalistic ethics and libel and defamation issues for the company.

    Veteran journalist Mutegi Njau
    Veteran journalist Mutegi Njau