Churchill Comedian Butita in Legal Battle With Global Firm

  • Churchill Comedian Eddie Butita
    Churchill Comedian Eddie Butita
  • Popular comedian Edwin Butita popularly known as Eddie Butita on Thursday, October 22, initiated legal action against a global e-commerce platform that used his brand to market their products.

    Speaking to, Butita explained that he had sought legal action as he had not authorised the social media campaign with his name. 

    "This has never happened to me before and we are yet to settle on a resolution after my legal team got in contact with them,"  he stated.

    File image of comedian Eddy Butita
    File image of comedian Eddy Butita

    The funnyman engaged his lawyers over what he termed the unlawful commercialisation of his brand by the online shopping company.

    In a demand letter drafted by the comedian's legal team, they faulted the firm for exploiting the comedian's widely renowned brand to market their business and attract shoppers.

    "While our client is amused by your sense of humour, he finds your actions unfair, unlawful, and a terrible attempt at benefitting off the back of a brand that he has expensively built over a long period of time.

    "Our client is surprised as to why an international brand like yourselves, with globally and presumably well-financed, would brazenly use his brand without appropriate compensation to push a campaign where you will make massive returns," the lawyer stated.

    A number of personalities have been able to make money online by advertising products and services for corporates.

    Digital content expert Brian Muuo explained that the rates for influencers pricing depends on the value of the following and engagement from posts and the accounts online.

    He added that pricing for influencers was determined by key metrics including followers, subscribers, views on videos, user engagement, and user feedback.

    "Advertisers are willing to work with influencers but they must also be sure of a return on their investment, the audience on digital platforms is not the same audience that watches television and reads newspapers, new age advertising must be targeted differently" he observed. 

    Online entertainers such as Comedians Flaqo and Elsa Majimbo have grown their online audience and secured various corporate endorsements and sponsorship deals as a result.

    Comedian Flaqo dressed up as one of his characters Mama Otis
    Comedian Flaqo dressed up as one of his characters Mama Otis