Protests After Two Remandees Die Mysteriously in Police Station [VIDEO]

  • Undated image of an entrance to a Kenya police station.
    An entrance to a Kenya police station in a photo dated 2018
    NPS/ Twitter
  • Residents of Kirinyaga staged protests outside the Wang'uru Police Station on Sunday, November 22, after two remandees died under mysterious circumstances. 

    The two prisoners are suspected to have died of Covid-19 on Sunday morning after developing symptoms related to the deadly virus.

    Kirinyaga County Police Commander Leah Kithei confirmed that the two remandees died, but was non-committal on the cause of death.

    Entrance area at the Shimo la Tewa Prison in Kilifi.
    Entrance area at the Shimo la Tewa Prison in Kilifi.

    "Convicts are held at the police holding facilities and must get Covid-19 clearance certificates before being taken to the Prison to serve their terms," Kithei noted.

    The two remandees who died on Sunday were part of five convicts who were rushed to the Kimbimbi Sub-County Hospital from the station.

    The three are said to be in serious condition after complaining of breathing difficulties, cough and chest pains.

    According to reports, the families of the two inmates who died at the station in Mwea are accusing police of foul play, claiming that the inmates had visible head injuries.

    A crowd gathered inside the police station to protest the death of the two inmates as they suspected that Covid-19 was their cause of death.

    The police station has been isolated and is set to undergo fumigation as a precautionary measure with the officers in the station also scheduled to undergo tests.

    Police revealed that the five prisoners had been tested with their results yet to return as they were set to start their sentences.

    The country has been reporting a spike in Covid-19 cases with 968 Covid-19 cases recorded on Sunday, November 22.  

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