Ex-Kameme TV's PK Karitei Turns to Hawker After Being Fired

  • Former Kameme FM presenter PK Karitei at an event
    Former Kameme FM presenter PK Karitei at an event.
  • Former Kameme TV show host PK Karitei has opened up about the tough life he has endured ever since he was fired from his job over a phone call.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Karitei noted that at some point after his firing in October 2019, he turned to selling fruits behind his car boot to make ends meet.

    He further noted that on an average day, he could make Ksh800 with the fortune likely to rise to Ksh 1,000 on a good day.

    Karitei, who hosted Gakunguiya show, also revealed that his firing was abrupt given he had been at the station since its inception two years, and the show was among the best in terms of ratings.

    Show Host PK Karitei (left) nd DJ Sharks on Mt Kenya TV
    Show Host PK Karitei (left) nd DJ Sharks on Mt Kenya TV.

    "It was just a phone call. No one knew they were going to be fired. My show was well performing, and we never thought we would be touched. I had stayed their since its inception.

    "I was selling the fruits in my car at Jacaranda area, Nairobi. After losing the job, I had to go to the Bank to restructure the loans. I was making between Ksh800 and Ksh1,000 from my fruit business," noted the former TV host.

    Karitei also revealed that the situation worsened after Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, and loans continued piling up, forcing him to sell one of his two cars to make ends meet.

    "It was in October 2019 and we were approaching Christmas, we had planned a big event and I was using the platform to advertise and then after that I had loans I was to pay.

    "Shortly after that, Covid-19 hit the country. I started selling fruits. I had to move from Jacaranda to Ruaka. I had to sell one of my cars. I had two cars," he added.

    After months of toiling, he got a late night gospel show on Mt Kenya TV which he has been hosting for three months now.

    He explained that he loved the working hours because they did not interfere with his day schedule.

    "Now I have my own YouTube channel. I also joined Mt Kenya TV where I have a gospel show on Friday nights. I have been at the job for three months. The show begins at 10 p.m. and does not affect my day plans," he concluded.

    Karitei was among editors who were shown the door at the station in a mass firing exercise in the company.

    All the video editors, show presenters and a number of producers were let go, but the station remained operational.

    A total of 160 journalists were laid off in the retrenchment exercise that touched on K24 TV staff as well.

    Inside a TV studio in Kenya
    Inside a TV studio in Kenya