UK Pupils Sell Snacks, Raise Ksh1M for Kenyan Friends

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    A UK pupil at Strathallan School poses with a dummy Ksh 1 million cheque donated for Kenyan projects
    Daily Record
  • Pupils at a school in the UK joined hands to sell snacks and raise Ksh 1 million for their friends in Kenya in early January 2021. 

    The learners at Perthshire Strathallan School in Perthshire said that they rallied themselves despite the financial constraints witnessed in England during the Covid-19 pandemic

    They sold bacon rolls at concerts, variety shows, pop-up cafes and gatherings, amassing  £10,406 (approximately Ksh 1,565,300) million.

    The money was generated towards the Strath Kenya Project which supports over 140 children in Kenya. 

    Pupils at an assembly at Strathallan School in UK
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    “Our young friends in Kenya have been coping with the daily struggle of extreme poverty, made even more challenging by the pandemic. We are proud to say that all donations go directly to our projects. 

    “We are also supporting a 15-year-old boy called Javis to go back to school in January 2021. He has a physical condition which means he walks on his knees, but he is desperate to be in class and to have the opportunity to spend time learning and socialising as all young people should," said Strathallan student, Tamanna Okhai, according to a local daily in Perthshire. 

    The young philanthropist added that they recently supported a group of girls in Kilifi County by providing sanitary products and other educational input which allowed them to stay in school. 

    Their tutor David Barnes who has been involved with the Strath Kenya Project since its inception lauded his pupils for providing a pathway for their Kenyan friends to achieve their aspirations and dreams. 

    Since 2008, the Strath Kenya Project has helped support orphans at the Kenya Children’s Home and Maasai girls at the Soila Rescue School in Suswa.

    40 other children from the Mashimoni District of the Kibera Slum in Nairobi have also benefited from the project. 

    File image of Kibera slums in Nairobi